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GLADC News & Events

Upcoming Events

GLADC’s Listening and Dialogue with Dinner (LADD)

Monday, March 27 | 5:30 PM | Breed Memorial HallGLADC LADD Poster

  • What are the dialogue skills needed for polarizing conversations?
  • How can restorative justice support our shared community life? 

This Generous Listening and Dialogue Spring event, hosted by the Tufts’ Generous Listening and Dialogue Center (GLADC), seeks to help us reflect on these questions while practicing our generous listening and dialogue skills. The GLADC’s Dialogue Ambassadors, Tufts graduate and undergraduate students, will facilitate listening and dialogue exercises over a community dinner.

Past Events

GLADC's Fall Summit: "A Search for Common Ground"

Wednesday, October 12, 2022, 4 - 7 pm
Featuring two nationally renowned scholars, Drs. Pedro Noguera and Frederick Hess, discussing their book A Search for Common Ground and the importance of finding a common ground, despite political and policy differences, on education. Their work illustrates a model of civil debate between those with substantial principled differences. 

Here are some of our favorite moments from our Fall Summit!