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GLADC Programs

Dialogue Ambassadors

The goal of the Dialogue Ambassadors program is to establish a cadre of trained dialogue ambassadors who are prepared to co-lead discussions with faculty, staff, and students trained in generous listening, comprised of listening to oneself, to others, and to nature. It prioritizes the development of a strong culture of resiliency, self-authorship, critical self-awareness, and a culture of “me-to-we” well-being.

Dialogue Ambassadors will serve as a central resource and hub for student outreach through the network of student organizations and residence life programs. They will support Tufts in providing its students with the skills that will support successful civic engagement.


The Social Emotional Learning for Equity & Civic Teaching (SELECT) Faculty Fellows Program assists Tufts faculty in exploring how social-emotional learning (SEL) can be leveraged for equity and civic learning across disciplines. As part of the GLADC’s programming, it prioritizes expanding faculty’s generous listening and dialogue skills in order to help foster a climate of productive dialogue across differences in your work with students and colleagues through readings, reflective writings, regular meetings, and a half-day retreat. 

Speaker Series

The GLADC Speaker Series has included several events, such as the GLADC’s event “Listening to the Earth: A Campus Dialogue” (co-hosted with the Tufts’ Indigenous Center), which have brought speakers to the Tufts University campus. These events are listening-focused but encourage a broader dialogue both inside and outside the university space and local communities.GLADC Fall Summit Information

Our upcoming addition to the Speaker Series, our Fall Summit: A Search for Common Ground will take place on October 12, 2022, 4 - 7 pm. It will feature two nationally renowned scholars, Drs. Pedro Noguera (Dean of the USC Rossier School of Education) and Frederick Hess (Director of Education Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute), discussing their book A Search for Common Ground and the importance of finding a common ground on education and society in the United States. Register for our Fall Summit or find out more on our Facebook event page.


Professional Development & Support

Kenann McKenzie of GLADC sitting at a conference table in conversationGLADC provides professional development for professionals and students in the K-12 and higher education sector. These are trainings or opportunities to practice to enhance facilitation skills for group discussions.