Building Robust & Inclusive Democracy

Tisch College Values

Tisch College is a community of passionate scholars, educators, and practitioners who come from diverse backgrounds. Together, we challenge ourselves and others to engage in public life responsibly because we are committed to a more just, equitable, and prosperous world.

We embrace the following core values as essential to this work and necessary for advancing higher education’s role in a stronger democracy:


We are guided by principles of access and fairness. We provide open pathways for dialogue, and create opportunities for all members of our community to meet their full potential.


We believe our best work is achieved when it embraces diversity of thought as an opportunity for reflection, growth, and change. We nurture a culture that values each person’s diverse life experiences.

Trust & Reciprocity

We invest in building and sustaining relationships with key stakeholders that reflect shared interests, differences, and mutual benefits.

Engaged Scholarship & Learning

We seek opportunities to learn, collaborate and create knowledge that strengthens engagement in civic life. We believe our most productive work is only achieved with a dedication to academic freedom, a climate of productive dissent, and rigorous research and practices.

Bold Thinking

We seek creative solutions to complex problems. We advance lasting, positive change by combining best practices with new ideas.


We enable and integrate transformative learning experiences to strengthen individual agency and create lifelong participants in civic life. We work to transform higher education as a positive force in democracy’s future.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, inclusion, and equity are foundational values for Tisch College. We strive to advance these values and incorporate them into every facet of our work, not just because we believe–individually and collectively– that it’s the right thing to do, but because we understand that they are central to our mission of promoting ethical and effective engagement in civic life.

To advance diversity and inclusion in our own organization, in our programs with students and partners, and in our local and national research, Tisch College has a nine-member Diversity & Inclusion Committee with representatives from every unit in our office. The committee holds regular meetings to discuss issues of equity on campus and around the country, and to further various initiatives:

  • Hiring: Members of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee play a role in Tisch College’s hiring processes by reviewing job descriptions before they are posted and advising on qualifications and questions. It's our intention that each hiring committee includes one representative from the Diversity & Inclusion Committee.
  • Lunch & Discuss: At least once per semester, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee leads a lunchtime discussion session about a timely topic. These conversations are open to all Tisch College staff and serve as a space for frank, informal discussion of issues that intersect with our work.
  • Training and Professional Development: The Tisch College Diversity and Inclusion Committee organizes dialogues, workshops, and training sessions that contribute to our staff’s professional development and understanding of issues related to diversity, equity, and justice.