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  • Cindy Cesar at the Cummings School with a labrador dog

    Veterinary student Cindy Cesar, a 2019 inductee to Tisch College's Honos Civicus Society, overcame obstacles to reach her goals and now helps others do the same.

  • Minnie the cat gets a veterinary examination

    Tisch College has supported this Tufts program for animal owners have little or no access to veterinary care.

  • a child kissing a dog

    Megan Kiely Mueller, a Tisch College Senior Fellow, studies physical and emotional benefits of our relationships with other species.

  • Table conversations at 2015 Symposium on Community Partnerships

    At the 13th Tufts Presidential Symposium for Community Partnerships, local leaders and members of the Tufts community highlighted successful initiatives and brainstormed new collaborations.

  • Tisch College supports the work of Veterinary School professor Megan Mueller, an expert on human-animal interaction.