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  • map of the Seventh Congressional District in Pennsylvania

    Tisch College Associate Dean for Research Peter Levine and Tisch College Faculty Fellow Moon Duchin write about efforts to use advanced mathematics to combat unfair congressional redistricting.

  • The new Tufts University Prison Initiative at Tisch College

    Through the Tufts Prison Initiative at Tisch College, Tufts students and incarcerated people study literature together and learn from each other.

  • Lisa Gualtieri with many used fitness trackers

    A new program from one of our Faculty Fellows will test if recycled Jawbones and Fitbits can help underserved populations get healthier.

  • Screenshot of Half the History film

    Tisch Faculty Fellow Jennifer Burton's film project tells the stories of remarkable women whom American history has often ignored or forgotten.

  • Elena Naumova with colleagues in India

    Faculty Fellow Elena Naumova, who studies the spread of water-borne illnesses, looks beyond the data to understand patterns that can save lives.

  • Building at a Jewish cemetery in Austria

    Tisch College Faculty Fellow Diane O'Donoghue is leading efforts to restore the Währinger Jewish cemetery in Vienna, a once beautiful burial ground that suffered Nazi desecration and decades of neglect.

  • Jeffrey Taliaferro

    National security expert and Tisch College Faculty Fellow Jeffrey Taliaferro talks about Snowden, surveillance, and the unthinkable future.

  • Tisch College supports the work of Prof. Christine McWayne to train educators with the best pedagogic practices.

  • Through the Faculty Fellows program, Tisch College is supporting Prof. Ichiro Takayoshi's important interdisciplinary scholarship.