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  • These Words exhibition in Chinatown

    The project was organized by Diane O’Donoghue,Director for our Program for Public Humanities, and was funded by the Tisch College Community Research Center

  • Lisa Gualtieri with many used fitness trackers

    A new program from one of our Faculty Fellows will test if recycled Jawbones and Fitbits can help underserved populations get healthier.

  • Chris Swan

    Engineering professor and longtime advocate of service learning will lead efforts on faculty engagement, community outreach and student programming.

  • a child kissing a dog

    Megan Kiely Mueller, a Tisch College Senior Fellow, studies physical and emotional benefits of our relationships with other species.

  • Doug Brugge at uranium mining conference

    At a recent conference Prof. Doug Brugge, a leader of Tisch College's community-based research efforts, continued to sound the alarm about dangerous pollution from uranium mining in Africa.

  • Screenshot of Half the History film

    Tisch Faculty Fellow Jennifer Burton's film project tells the stories of remarkable women whom American history has often ignored or forgotten.

  • Elena Naumova with colleagues in India

    Faculty Fellow Elena Naumova, who studies the spread of water-borne illnesses, looks beyond the data to understand patterns that can save lives.

  • Maryanne Wolf with Ethiopian children

    A Tisch Faculty member has a new strategy to teach kids in remote regions of the world to read: put apps in their hands and let their drive to learn do the rest.

  • Susan Ostrander

    A Tufts sociologist and Tisch Faculty member says the city exemplifies the kind of community that holds special promise for the future of democracy.

  • Table conversations at 2014 Symposium on Community Partnerships

    Co-hosted by the Office of the President, the Office of Community Relations, and Tisch College, the Presidential Symposium on Community Partnerships brought together close to 150 people committed to establishing fruitful partnerships.