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  • Bill McKibben and Julian Agyeman speaking at Tufts

    At a Tisch College Distinguished Speaker Series event, Bill McKibben tells a Tufts audience to organize in movements to fight climate change and stand up for the Earth’s future.

  • Al Gore headlined the Spring 2018 Distinguished Speaker Series

    Al Gore visited Tufts as part of the Tisch College Distinguished Speaker Series and told the audience that a sustainability revolution is possible, but political will is necessary.

  • Lois Gibbs at Tufts

    Longtime activist Lois Gibbs says individuals must organize to confront environmental disasters like Love Canal—and Flint.

  • Middle School Symposium 2017

    The symposium serves as a great example of Tisch College’s commitment to working with community partners and inspiring the next generation of civic leaders.

  • Somerville Mobile Farmers Market

    Through their individual projects, four Tisch Scholars form an integral part of a network of organizations within Somerville’s food economy that are fighting to create a healthier and more sustainable city.

  • Kevin Smith in Peru

    Two international Tisch Summer Fellows are working in Peru to develop a simple, community-based system to collect data about water usage and climate in the country's Central Andes.

  • Sam Woestwin with rescued food

    The Food Rescue Program, run entirely by Tufts students, collects healthy food that would otherwise be discarded and delivers it to local pantries and shelters.

  • Tisch College supports graduate students' efforts to improve food security and nutrition in local communities.