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The Talloires Network

The Talloires NetworkThe Talloires Network is an association of more than 350 colleges and universities from over 70 nations around the world that are committed to the civic role and social responsibilities of higher education The Network is built on the belief that the academy does not exist separately from its communities or in isolation from society—that universities can be catalysts of change when civic engagement and community service are fundamental to research, the teaching mission, and students learning. The Talloires Network was launched from and is housed at Tisch College; it shares and globalizes our vision for fostering civic engagement throughout the college experience.

Registration is now open for the 2020 Talloires Network Leadership Conference (TNLC 2020), which will be co-hosted in Boston, on September 24-27, by Tisch College and by Harvard University's Institute of Politics. The conference theme is Global Universities, Local Impact: Power and Responsibility of Engaged Universities. Learn more and register here.