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Tisch College Dialogue Fellows

Tisch College Dialogue Fellows

The Tisch Dialogue Fellows Program teaches students how to conduct effective conversations across the Tufts campus through robust training in dialogue facilitation, planning, and implementation. Student Fellows benefit from learning skills needed to support communities that need dialogue to better understand complex, divisive issues and to act on these issues in diverse settings. Student-led dialogues address issues that impact identify formation, campus climate, and engagement with divisive ideas; these conversations can advance innovative classroom learning at Tufts while cultivating closer connections among individuals and groups across the entire university community.

The classroom component of the Dialogue Fellows Program is the required Fall course Dialogue, Identity, and Civic Action, which helps Fellows acquire the skills needed to:

  • Engage dialogue participants in productive discussions on polarizing societal issues
  • Help dialogue participants overcome barriers that limit open-minded conversation
  • Help participants speak openly about their values and beliefs to build productive relationships
  • Empower dialogue participants to take action for positive social change
  • Support participants' personal and professional development

To learn more about the program, contact Tisch College Senior Fellow Jonathan Garlick at