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Research and Publications

In addition to the work of our two distinct research institutes—CIRCLE and IDHE—scholars at Tisch College, and Civic Studies-affiliated colleagues throughout Tufts University, conduct research that examines the role of citizens and civic institutions in a variety of fields, from the social and physical sciences to the humanities.

You can explore some of our most recent projects and view or download final reports below:

  • Conducted in early September 2017, in collaboration with the Department of Political Science, "The Pursuit of Gender Equality in American Foreign Policy: A Survey of American Public Opinion" is a new representative survey of 1,000 Americans that how the public views the role of women’s rights in U.S. foreign policy.…

  • Civic Deserts Report

    In October 2017, at the National Conference on Citizenship, Tisch College Associate Dean for Research Peter Levine and co-authors John Bridgeland and Matthew Atwell released "Civic Deserts: America's Civic Health Challenge," a new report that details t…

  • Republic at Risk Report

    In September 2017, Tisch College Associate Dean Peter Levine and CIRCLE Director Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg released a new report titled "The Republic is (Still) at Risk — and Civics is Part of the Solution" at the at the Democracy at a Cros…

Civic Studies Publications

In addition, Civic Studies leaders and scholars have produced as series of books, journal articles, edited volumes, and more exploring theoretical and practical aspects of civic life. This literature contributes to the emerging intellectual framework of civic studies:

Civic Studies Volume

Civic Studies: Approaches to the Emerging Field is a volume co-edited by Peter Levine and Karol Edward Sołtan and published by Bringing Theory to Practice and the American Association of Colleges and Universities as the third volume in its Civic Series. It is available for free download (PDF) or for purchase at $10 for the volume. Contents:

The Good Society Journal and its Symposium on Civic Studies

The Good Society, published by Penn State University Press, is a journal of civic studies. It is edited by two alumni of the Summer Institute of Civic Studies: Joshua A. Miller and Matt Chick.

Vol. 26, No. 2-3 (2017) of The Good Society, guest edited by Peter Levine, is a special issue on Reintegrating Facts, Values, and Strategies:

Vol. 22, No. 2, 2013, of The Good Society includes a symposium on the Summer Institute of Civic Studies. With one exception, all of the authors of the symposium articles are either teachers or alumni of the Summer Institute:

Additional articles that also summarize Civic Studies include:

We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For

Written by Peter Levine, Associate Dean for Research at Tisch College, We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For: The Promise of Civic Renewal in America (Oxford University Press, 2013) applies civic studies to strengthening democracy in the United States. Chapter 2, “How to Think About Politics: Facts, Values, and Strategies,” argues for considering political issues from a civic studies perspective. Former United States Senator Bob Graham writes: “As America has wallowed through an unprecedented decline in civic engagement, Peter Levine has been a lighthouse warning of the dangers of civic alienation. Now, he makes the encouraging case that although we will live for a while with the consequences of past mistakes, the worst of the storm is over. Professor Levine concludes with ten common sense strategies that can energize the people and their governmental institutions while preparing a new generation of Americans with the values and competencies to sustain our reinvigorated democracy.”

White House Summit on Civic Learning

In 2014, Tisch College and the White House hosted a summit on civic learning and national service. The gathering brought together 75 higher education leaders, government officials, practitioners, and researchers studying civic learning and engagement.