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Civic Life Lunch: Activists, Assemble! Turning Pop Culture Fans into Activist Heroes

Thursday, February 9 I 12 PM ET I Rabb Room, Barnum Hall

What do Star Wars and women's movements, Avatar and climate justice, and Superman and immigration reform have in common? More than you think. Join a conversation with writer, fan activist, digital strategist and Tufts alumna, Sabrina Cartan, about how harnessing the power and passion of fandoms for social change makes activism more accessible - and joyful - for all.

Lunch will be provided. Sponsored by the Political Science Department, the Tufts Democrats and the Civic Studies Program. To register for in-person attendance, visit: viewers can participate at this link.


Sabrina Cartan specializes in mobilizing online fan communities for social justice and civic causes. She is the co-president of Fandom Forward's board of directors and host of the organization's podcast Shireside Chats, as well as the director of digital strategy at Potomac Productions, where she works with iconic Wonder Woman actor, singer, and activist Lynda Carter. Together, they have created innovative ways to mobilize Ms. Carter’s fans on issues like women’s rights, LGBTQ+ equality, ending voter suppression, climate justice, and anti-racist advocacy. Read Sabrina Cartan's full bio.