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Honos Civicus at the Friedman School of Nutrition

The Friedman School's Honos Civicus Class of 2019

Honos Civicus celebrates and publicly recognizes graduating students who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to community service and civic engagement during their studies at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. Honos Civicus provides an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on their community involvement while creating an alumni network of health professionals who share a meaningful, continued commitment to civic life and social impact through their careers.

The application process for the Class of 2021 Friedman Students will open on January 15, 2021. You can read more about Honos Civicus eligibility and requirements below.

Many different civic activities undertaken by Friedman School students may be included as part of the Honos Civicus application. For example:

  • Community outreach through Friedman School student organizations
  • Self-initiated volunteer service through membership in non-University affiliated programs that involve underserved or vulnerable communities or population groups
  • Everyday acts of volunteer service
  • Campus-community partnerships
  • Volunteer work with non-governmental organizations
  • Service and commitment to improving communities based either in the United States or internationally


Friedman students who wish to join Honos Civicus must have:

  • A demonstrated commitment to public service and civic engagement beyond what is required at the Friedman School (internship, etc.)
  • Demonstrated leadership and dedication within community service projects
  • An outstanding record of professionalism and ethical behavior
  • A strong academic record
  • A Graduation date of May 2021, February 2021, or August 2020.


The benefits of membership in Honos Civicus include:

  • Recognition at a ceremony of Class of 2021 Tufts Dental, Medical, Veterinary, and Nutrition students accepted into the Honos Civicus Society.
  • Recognition at graduation, with a notation in the commencement program and an Honos Civicus pin for the commencement gown.
  • Features on the Tisch College website and other Tufts University publications.
  • Membership in the Honos Civicus alumni group, an alumni network of civically-engaged health professionals.


The application timeline for the Class of 2021 will be:

January 15, 2021: Application period opens

March 1, 2021: Application due

April 1, 2021: Announcement of Class of 2021 Honos Civicus Society

Frequently Asked Questions

What is civic engagement? 
Civic Engagement includes the ability to:

  • Think critically about civic problems
  • Engage effectively with diverse individuals and communities
  • Communicate powerfully
  • Collaborate effectively with individuals and groups
  • Understand your own values, motivations, passions, and ethics—and act on them
  • Recognize one’s responsibility to a larger community

Can you provide examples of what students have done in the past?

  • A student coordinated gardening lessons for Chinatown youth and taught nutrition and cooking classes to families and children in Dorchester.
  • A student participated in the Somerville Backpack Program, a program that provides weekend food to students in need.  She helped provide over 25,000 meals throughout the school year to 278 students in the Somerville Public Schools.
  • A student worked with Food For Free, a food rescue and hunger relief organization.  She helped pilot the Family Meals Program, making frozen meals out of donated prepared food from university dining halls to feed homeless families.
  • A student partnered with fellow Friedman Justice League members to visit local high schools to teach students how they can become food justice advocates in their communities.
  • A student worked with the Preventive Food Pantry, part of the Nutrition Resource Center at Boston Medical Center (BMC), which aims to provide low-income patients with the healthy food they need to manage their nutrition-related illnesses without the stigma of going to a "normal" food pantry.

What types of activities would not meet the criteria for Honos Civicus?

Examples include holding the role of a Teacher’s Assistant, organizing seminars or an event, starting a new student group, or leading a student group.

I participate in service for the public good, not for my own benefit, so it seems paradoxical (and feels uncomfortable) to have to apply for this honor.  Why do you require students to apply on their own behalf?

We recognize that people’s motivations for service involvement are often deeply personal and that it feels more awkward to apply for Honos Civicus Society than it might feel to apply for a research or academic honor.   However, please think of Honos Civicus as a group of individuals dedicated towards civic engagement throughout their careers, rather than as an “award.”  And as stated previously, you are the person who knows most about what you have done, and what it has meant to the community and to your own academic and professional development.  

Why are academic considerations part of Honos Civicus?
The Honos Civicus Review Committee feels strongly that the ability to balance academics with service involvement is essential in order to be effective members of their community.


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Friedman Honos Civicus Application

The 2021 Honos Civicus application period is now closed.