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Honos Civicus at the School of Dental Medicine

Group of Students with Honos Civicus Awards

Honos Civicus celebrates and publicly recognizes graduating students who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to community service and civic engagement during their studies at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Inductees have the opportunity to celebrate and reflect on their community involvement while creating an alumni network of health professionals who share a meaningful, continued commitment to civic life and social impact through their careers in oral health.


Honos Civicus inductees will receive:

  • Recognition at a ceremony for students accepted into the Honos Civicus Society
  • Recognition at graduation and an Honos Civicus pin for the commencement gown
  • Features on the Tisch College website and other Tufts University publications
  • Membership in the Honos Civicus alumni group


Dental students who wish to apply to Honos Civicus must have:

  • Demonstrated commitment to public service and civic engagement beyond the minimum expected for degree requirements, which include the required off-site rotations and community service learning externship
  • Demonstrated leadership and dedication within community service projects
  • An outstanding record of professionalism and ethical behavior
  • Good academic and professional standing

Many different civic activities undertaken by dental students may be included as part of an Honos Civicus application. For example:

  • Community outreach through TUSDM student organizations or self-initiated volunteer service through membership in non-University affiliated programs that involve underserved or vulnerable communities or population groups
  • Leadership in TUSDM student organizations involved in community service
  • Public health-related research projects that are self-initiated or supported by the student research fellowship program
  • Extensive participation in dental public health journal club coupled with associated community or public policy activities
  • Elective public health coursework and associated community or public policy activities.

Please note that it is best to draft your application in Word and then cut and paste.


Email Nancy Marks at

Apply to Honos Civicus - TUSDM

The 2023 Honos Civicus application period is now closed.