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Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life

Tisch Alumni Mentor Network

The Washington, D.C., Tisch Alumni Mentor Network (formerly CASE–Connecting Alumni Student Experiences) connects Tufts alumni with current Tufts students who have Tisch Summer Fellowships and other substantive summer internships in the nation’s capital. The program includes individual mentoring, regular breakfast panels with alumni speaking on wide-ranging D.C. careers, networking opportunities, and community service events. It is a great opportunity to meet alumni and gain perspective on the many careers options in D.C.

Student Eligibility and Expectations

The Network is open to all current Tufts students and graduating seniors who want to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to connect with other Jumbos in the city. Applicants are expected to have substantive summer internships prior to applying, and must commit to actively participating in activities throughout the summer.

Each student in the program is matched with a mentor who can provide advice on career paths, navigating D.C., graduate school, and life after graduation. With dozens of students participating in the program each year, this is also a great chance to meet fellow classmates interested in the government and nonprofit sectors and to create a supportive Tufts network in D.C.

Alumni Participation and Responsibilities

This program allows Tufts alumni have have hands-on impact on the next generation of Jumbos. Alumni provide valuable support and advice while helping students explore career options, build networks, and learn about life in D.C. In addition to providing essential support to current Tufts students, the network is also a great opportunity to meet other Tufts alumni in the D.C. metro area.

Alumni mentors are expected to:

  • Attend the opening reception for mentors and students in order to meet your mentee and other students in person and set the tone for a great summer.
  • Meet face to face with your student mentee two to three times during the summer. In addition to meeting at the opening and closing receptions and at any Tisch Summer Fellow social events, getting together for coffee, a weekday lunch, or a weekend brunch are great opportunities for you to check in and chat with your student.
  • Be available for questions and to provide guidance. Don’t worry; you are not expected to be an expert! But your experience will be a wonderful resource to your mentee this summer. Don’t worry if your answer to a question is “I don’t know.” Instead, help students identify how they can go about finding a solution by offering personal or professional guidance.
  • Complete the Summer Mentoring Evaluation and provide feedback on your experience which will help us evaluate and improve the mentoring program

For more information, please contact Tisch Alumni Mentor Network Alumni Leader, Elizabeth McKay, A14, at

Alumni Mentor Network - Student Application

Once you have confirmed your summer internship in D.C., please complete this short application. The application will ask you to share information about your internship and interests so the network leaders can match you to an appropriate alumni mentor.

The application period will reopen before summer 2018.

Alumni Mentor Network - Alumni Application

Please complete this short application to sign up as a summer mentor.

The application period will reopen before summer 2018.