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Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life

Tufts 1+4 Fellows

A.J. Arbuckle

Hometown: Newton, MA
High School: Newton North High School
Tufts 1+4 Location: Cuenca, Ecuador

A.J. was born in London but has lived most of his life in California and Massachusetts. His biggest passions are running and cooking, the former of which he pursued by joining his high school’s cross country and track teams, and the latter of which he pursues with his friends together in a cooking group. He looks forward to learning about environmental sustainability during his time in Ecuador, as well as learning all about Ecuadorian culture and improving his Spanish.

Kaila Caffey

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
High School: Central High School
Tufts 1+4 Location: Cuenca, Ecuador

After participating in the International Baccalaureate Program at her high school in Philadelphia and partaking in a language immersion program in Chile in July of 2017, Kaila has developed a passion for language, travel and social justice. She has pursued her passion for activism through her role as student body president at her high school, and as a student leader in the Philadelphia Student Union: a youth-based organization that advocates for educational equality in Philly. Kaila is excited to blend her interest in language, travel, and social justice through the study of international relations and various languages such as Spanish and French when she returns to Tufts. While Kaila has travelled and lived in numerous states across the US, she is excited about the opportunity to travel internationally! She is also incredibly excited to develop fluency in Spanish, learn about Ecuadorian culture, and overall, deepen her global perspective.

Olivia Cohen

Hometown: Lutherville-Timonium, MD
High School: Roland Park Country School
Tufts 1+4 Location: Cuenca, Ecuador

Olivia grew up in Baltimore, Maryland where she attended an all-girls school for thirteen years. When she was not at school or doing her homework, she spent her time at Art with a Heart, a non-profit organization that brings art to underserved communities. There she discovered her passion for community engagement through the arts. Last summer she travelled out of the US for the first time when she went to Prague with a National Geographic program where she explored her love for photography. As student body president this school year, Olivia demonstrated her dedication to community activism by creating conversation about pressing issues such as the #metoo movement and the refugee crisis. Olivia is excited to spend her next year in Cuenca, Ecuador where she can be thrown into a whole new environment and embrace different experiences, forge new relationships, and learn more about the world.

Zach Everett

Hometown: New York, NY
High School: New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math High School
Tufts 1+4 Location: Cuenca, Ecuador

Zach was born in New York City and grew up in the surrounding suburbs in Westchester County. At the start of high school, he moved into Manhattan and has been residing on the lower east side since. Zach is excited to be fully immersed in a different culture and work on his Spanish comprehension. He has spent the last few summers working as a swim instructor and lifeguard in summer camps. In school, Zach was the co-president of debate club, director of Model UN, an editor on his school newspaper, and a volunteer reading tutor. At Tufts, he hopes to study political science and computer science.

Jamie Givens

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
High School: McDonogh School
Tufts 1+4 Location: Hyderabad, India

Jaime has lived in Baltimore, Maryland since she was 5 years old. She attributes a lot of the abundance of opportunities she has had to the McDonogh School, which she attended for ten years. Throughout Jaime’s ten years at McDonogh she realized the underrepresentation of faculty of color, the lack of resources and support systems for students of color at a predominantly white institution, and her intense passion for social justice and equity. Due to these realizations, Jaime was instrumental in establishing Sankofa club, a club that aimed to provide a space where Black students could talk about what they faced in the private school world and our nation, and all white students and teachers could come to listen and engage. Jaime was also a co-president of D4M (Diversity for McDonogh), a member of the Rollins-Luetkemeyer Leader program, and a manager for the girls varsity soccer team. Jaime hopes that her bridge-year experience in Hyderabad will not only improve her leadership skills, but will help her to expand her perspective on the way education influences children in an area where poverty and urban life meet.

Finn Hall

Hometown: Cooperstown, NY
High School: Milford Central School
Tufts 1+4 Location: Cuenca, Ecuador

After living in a secluded tourist town in Upstate New York consisting of only 3,000 people for his entire life, Finn is eager to explore the world! He is an inquirer with a love for the sciences, the natural world, and helping others. During high school Finn participated in a program that allowed him to shadow healthcare providers and practicing physicians while broadening his understanding of medical professions. He enjoys reading, spending time outdoors, and playing soccer, and hopes to continue learning about the world's different cultures and how healthcare is provided in other countries.

Laura Harvey

Hometown: Goostrey, Cheshire
High School: Sir John Deane's College
Tufts 1+4 Location: Santa Catarina, Brazil

Laura is from a small village in England, and is looking forward to moving to another continent! She is a passionate artist and having travelled to Italy to study the Renaissance and Barcelona to study 20th Century art and architecture as well as running music groups throughout high school, she wants to explore how art forms affect our relationship with the natural world. Laura is also a community engaged activist who has volunteered with Girl Guiding for four years to promote confidence in young girls and raised environmental awareness through involvement with the WWF. She has an avid interest in history and anthropology and will continue her observations made in Sri Lanka, and social history archiving performed in her community, to explore the remnants of colonialism in Latin America. When Laura arrives at Tufts she will enroll in a dual degree BFA+BA/BSc at the SMFA to further explore the connections between the arts and academia.

Arlyss Herzig

Hometown: West Sand Lake, NY
High School: Averill Park High School
Tufts 1+4 Location: Cuenca, Ecuador

Having grown up in a small town in upstate New York, Arlyss has grown a passion for seeing other cultures and parts of the world. She has worked with children in an economically-impoverished village in the Dominican Republic, and developed a club in her high school to raise funds and supplies to support them and their school. The Tufts 1+4 program will be a perfect fit for combining her love of cultures with the love of volunteering and helping the greater community. Arlyss is also interested in environmentalism and sustainability, and can’t wait to combine all these interests while learning Spanish!

David Jiang

Hometown: Concord, MA
High School: Concord-Carlisle Regional High School
Tufts 1+4 Location: Santa Catarina, Brazil

Hailing from Concord Massachusetts, David Jiang is passionate about foreign languages, the natural world, and global travel. He was heavily involved in his community through volunteering as the service pianist at the town church, presiding as captain of the business club, and serving/traveling as one of his high school's Global Ambassadors, among other activities. David's goals in Brazil are to fulfill some part of his three main passions: learning Portuguese, working in preservation efforts with native fauna, and living in a completely new country. At Tufts, David hopes to study either international relations or economics to further himself into a global business career. His favorite words of wisdom are from a fellow Concordian of two centuries prior, Henry David Thoreau: "The man {or woman} who goes alone can start today; but he {or she} who travels with another must wait till that other is ready."

Christine Kelly

Hometown: Birdsboro, PA
High School: Daniel Boone Area High School
Tufts 1+4 Location: Cuenca, Ecuador

Christine is a native Pennsylvanian with a passion for environmental conservation, engineering, and community service. Throughout high school, she spent most of her free time volunteering with various service clubs and organizations. Her favorite activities have included being the student event leader for her school's Relay for Life and mentoring young environmentalists at the Wildlife Leadership Academy during the summer. She first became interested in travelling when visiting Nicaragua in 2017, where she spent time learning about and implementing clean water systems. She hopes to further improve her Spanish skills in Ecuador and use her internship experience to benefit her Environmental Health Engineering studies at Tufts.

Cecilia Kennedy

Hometown: Mill Valley, CA
High School: Tamalpais High School
Tufts 1+4 Location: Cuenca, Ecuador

Cecilia values experiences that foster personal growth and allow her to explore new corners of the world. Her appreciation of adventure and passion for Latin American culture and Spanish led her to apply for Tufts 1+4 in Cuenca, Ecuador. Cecilia attended high school in Mill Valley, California, where she developed her interest in global issues, social justice, and cultural awareness. Outside of school, she played the violin in the Marin Symphony Youth Orchestra and practices piano and guitar during her free time. She also loves to travel, especially to Spanish-speaking countries! Cecilia participated in a student exchange through her high school, which included a trip to Pamplona, Spain and the opportunity host a Spanish student in her own home. She also traveled to Matagalpa, Nicaragua during the summer of 2016 through Amigos de las Américas, and is excited to continue with the program through Tufts 1+4 in Ecuador. Cecilia looks forward to experiencing a different culture, adopting new perspectives, creating meaningful relationships, and achieving her goal of fluency in Spanish during her bridge year.

Kamil Krukowski

Hometown: Allentown, PA
High School: Allentown Central Catholic High School
Tufts 1+4 Location: Cuenca, Ecuador

Kamil Krukowski grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania after emigrating from the village of Flesze, Poland at 7 years of age. He still occasionally visits, bringing a unique blend of both cultures with deep scientific curiousity and artistic appreciation wherever he goes. In high school he juggled his time between various performing arts, such as choir, theatre, and prop based dance. Through mentorship opportunities to help acclimate incoming members of a thriving international student community he gained a deep appreciation for the wealth of knowledge one can glean and share in cultural exchange opportunities, and is thrilled to be given such an opportunity in Tufts 1+4. A foundation in the spanish language from a thriving local community, a long history of volunteering, and personal vested interest in nature from leading an outdoor adventure crew cemented his decision to pursue biodiversity and environmental sustainability to preserve the gift of nature for posterity in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Sam Markowitz

Hometown: Arlington, VA
High School: Yorktown High School
Tufts 1+4 Location: Cuenca, Ecuador

Sam grew up in Arlington, Virginia, just a 15 minute drive from the White House. During high school he captained his ultimate frisbee team over junior and senior years, and also volunteered at a local nature center where he helped care for a variety of animals such as turtles, frogs, and snakes. He hopes that his passion for animals and the environment translates to his time in Ecuador, where he plans to focus on environmental sustainability. Over the bridge year, Sam would like to gain a better sense of what he can do individually to help combat important environmental issues such as global climate change. He also hopes that his bridge year will help him decide what he wants to focus on during his four years at Tufts, as he is very interested in both international affairs and environmental science. 

Ameya Marie

Hometown: Portland, OR
High School: Catlin Gabel School
Tufts 1+4 Location: New York, NY

Ameya is an artist and activist from Portland, OR who deconstructs social injustice and biased behavior through art. Ameya was a finalist for the GLSEN Student Advocate of the Year award for her work implementing anti-bullying programs to protect marginalized students from targeted language in Portland Public Schools. In high school, she was a peer sex educator on the Planned Parenthood Teen Council and a suicide and crisis hotline operator at YouthLine. Currently, she is an artist in the #BlackLivesMatter movement and community organizer with Black Lives Matter Portland, connecting with families impacted by racialized violence and creating digital illustrations that neutralize the negativity of outdated mugshots and images of humans unjustly killed. Her work has been honored by the National YoungArts Foundation, US Presidential Scholars Program, the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and featured in the Portland Art Museum, Williamson Knight Gallery, and US Department of Education. Ameya has a passion for social justice and is excited to spend a year with City Year closing the graduation gap in New York City. In Tufts’ Combined Degree program with the SMFA, Ameya plans to deepen her work in art and activism through concentrations in Visual Art, Psychology, and Ethnic Studies.

Michael Perik

Hometown: Jamestown, RI
High School: Saint George's School
Tufts 1+4 Location: Washington, D.C.

Michael is from Jamestown, Rhode Island. He is concerned about educational inequality in the U.S. and the impact it has on allowing kids to reach their potential. After working with underprivelidged kids at a summer camp in Newport, RI, he was motivated to spend his bridge year working in a public school through City Year. He wanted to serve in Washington, DC in order to explore a new place, while also giving back, before going to college and pursuing his own goals. Having lived on the water for years, Michael enjoys spending his time swimming, exploring cliff sides, and doing water sports like wake-boarding.

Gus Robinson

Hometown: Baxter, MN
High School: Brainerd Senior High School
Tufts 1+4 Location: Cuenca, Ecuador

Gus is from Minnesota and has lived there his entire life. Through the opportunity to study Spanish in high school, Gus developed a passion for learning about other cultures, and is excited to have the opportunity to do so this year. In high school, Gus was a captain of his soccer team and was also involved in community service through Key Club. Over his bridge year, Gus especially looks forward to improving his Spanish language skills as well as experiencing the culture of soccer in Ecuador. Upon returning to Tufts, he plans to study International Relations, and eventually hopes to pursue a career in international development with an NGO.

Becca Rose

Hometown: Woodland Hills, CA
High School: Stanford Online High School
Tufts 1+4 Location: Santa Catarina, Brazil

Becca was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. From the exchange students her family hosts every year to the diversity of the community in which she grew up, Becca’s multicultural upbringing has instilled in her a passion for travel, language, and cultural exchange. This has carried her to Central America, Europe, and Southern Africa, and she looks forward to exploring all of the travel opportunities that Brazil has to offer. While she eventually plans to attend medical school to become a surgeon, Becca spends most of her free time in political discourse and martial arts and looks forward to pursuing these interests on her bridge year and the years to come at Tufts, both in and out of the classroom.   

Ashley Trejo

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
High School: Sonoma Academy
Tufts 1+4 Location: Hyderabad, India

Ashley has lived in Santa Rosa, California all her life, and from a very young age she began to realize that she had the ability to help others. Throughout school she began peer tutoring programs and participated in many organization throughout her community. She volunteered with Girls on the Run, Hearts with a Mission, and did local tutoring along with theatre and volleyball. She has also been intrigued by languages throughout high school as she grew fluent in Spanish and began learning French and Mandarin. Her volunteering took her places she would not have expected - Kenya, Cuba, and more local states like Kentucky and Pennsylvania. After working closely with a school in Kenya, getting to know the perspectives of those who lived under Castro, and being a part of the WPC in Kentucky and Pennsylvania, she knew that she wanted to continue helping out where work is needed, and looks forward to continuing helping others and expanding her world. Ashley plans to pursue a future career working with women's health through programs like Doctors Without Borders or Partners in Health, continuing her lifelong dedication to service. 

Faizah Wulandana

Hometown: Highland, NY
High School: Stanford Online High School
Tufts 1+4 Location: Washington, D.C.

Faizah has been fortunate to have her story shaped by a multitude of environments, but still hasn’t quite gotten enough of the world! She was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and also spent time living in Atlanta, GA; rural Ohio; and upstate New York, where she currently lives. Faizah loves travelling and immersing herself in new environments, and has been to vibrant cities such as Istanbul, Beijing, and Jakarta. When not travelling, she also enjoys spending time with friends and family or sitting under a tree with her nose stuck in a book. Outside of her hobbies, Faizah also values working for others. At the age of 13, Faizah started volunteering in the ER Department of her local hospital, and since then has dedicated her life to community service, tutoring Arabic at her local mosque and serving on leadership for the Muslim Youth of North America, to name a few. In addition, she is passionate about providing education to all and is looking forward to furthering this passion by serving in Washington D.C. public schools with City Year in the coming year.

Students who completed our Tufts 1+4 program returned to campus with a renewed love of learning and desire to engage in communities.