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Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life

Tufts 1+4 Alumni

Alumni of the Tufts 1+4 Bridge-Year Service Learning Program experienced a transformational year of service before embarking on their academic studies at Tufts University. We are proud of the contributions they made to their adopted communities during the program, and of the unique passion and perspectives they bring to the Tufts campus and will carry with them throughout their lives.


2017-2018 Fellows

Rujen Amatya; Henry Baer-Benson; Audrey Carver; Jennifer Frye; Jonas Gerken; Max Goldfarb; Trevor Hall; Sophie Impellitteri; Elizabeth Kenneally; Dominique Landinez; John Lazur; Timothy Leong; Nicolás Livon-Navarro; Linnea Otto; Nadia Rosales; Leonardo Ruiz-Sánchez; Savion Sample; Brenna Trollinger; Kelsey Trollinger; Chastidy Vasconez; Sophie von Muench; Katherine Wang; Stephanie Waugh; Max Whaley



2016-2017 Fellows

Rebeca Becdach; Sophia Carroll; Jiyoon Chon; Erica DeBarge; Mateo Gómez; Eugene Henninger-Voss; Mikel Quintana; Evan Robinson; (Maya) Stone; Sawyer Uecke; Jordyn Voss; Di Wu




2015 - 2016 Fellows

Olive Baerde; Zoe Barnes; Abigail Barton; Aberdeen Bird; Elaine Harris; Eve Harris; Daniel Lewis; Justin Mejía; Daniela Sánchez; Isabel Schneider; Steven Schwab; David Vargas; Madeline Weir; Emerson Wenzel; Gabriel Yerdon