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Tufts 1+4 Service Locations

We are pleased to offer service opportunities in four countries on two continents. In addition to the diversity of experiences offered by locations as disparate as India and Ecuador, each site also features a variety of possible service placements in areas like education, cultural preservation, environmental sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and more.

Tisch College works closely with experienced international service organizations to support a year of meaningful service learning for all of our fellows no matter the country, city, or placement they choose. All service locations have gone through an extensive evaluation process that includes personal site visits from our staff, interviews with organization leaders, vetting of potential host families, and comprehensive agreements that address any situation that may arise during the service year.

In short, all of our service locations offer a rewarding, transformational experience. But they're all different, and may appeal to different interests, passions, and personalities. Explore each available service site below.

Explore Opportunities

  • Montevideo, Uruguay

    Explore the vibrant capital city of one of Latin America's most cosmopolitan countries. Walk along the ocean on your way to work on technology as a tool for social justice, entrepreneurship, education, or marketing for a community organization.
    Motevideo, Uruguay
  • Pune, India

    Discover your passions in a nation that combines ancient cultures, buzzing cities, and staggering inequality. Work in local classrooms to support education and extracurricular activities and empower a new generation.
    Hyderabad, India
  • Santa Catarina, Brazil

    Discover a unique path along the endless coastline. Work to preserve this beautiful environment, nurse exotic creatures back to health, or support the next generation of entrepreneurs.
    Santa Catarina, Brazil
  • Cuenca, Ecuador

    Embrace the unique combination of nature and culture among the Andes Mountains. Work alongside teachers in a classroom or support public health, women's empowerment or social justice through community organizations.
    Cuenca, Ecuador


Though we do not offer domestic service opportunities through the Tufts 1+4 program, we encourage incoming students who are interested in serving in the United States to consider spending a gap year with City Year, a national nonprofit that places passionate young people in underserved schools to help improve graduation rates. Learn more.

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