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Civil Rights Movement Initiative: Strengthening Students through History

Monday, February 10, 2020 - 4:00pm

Rabb Room, Barnum Hall

Join Tisch College's Progran for Public Humanities for this discussion featuring Maiyah Gamble-Rivers, the Manager of Programs, Community Engagement, and Curator at the Center for the Study of Slavery & Justice (CSSJ). This presentation will discuss how one CSSJ's program, the Civil Rights Movement Initiative (CRMI), has created space for local high school students in the city of Providence to learn about the Movement, shift their perception of self, and provide an opportunity for them to wrestle with the feelings of inferiority that are often learned in schools. Due to the success of CRMI and in light of recent reports about the failing state of the city's public school system, the CSSJ is currently working to expand the program to serve more schools and students. 

Gamble-Ribvers works to develop programs and curricula for high school students in the city of Providence, RI. Her major curriculum project on the Civil Rights Movement engages students in a series of workshops about the movement, culminating with a week-long immersive trip throughout the U.S. South visiting veterans, sites, memorials, and museums dedicated to the Civil Rights Movement. The latest curriculum project, "Racial Slavery & the Making of the Modern World: Resistance, Freedom and Legacies" will produce a textbook resource on the topic for high school students and teachers. In addition to her curricula work, Maiyah serves on the Center’s curatorial team working on both local and international exhibitions.