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Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life

*NEW* J Street's Congressional Intern

This fellowship is available for Undergraduate students

J Street

J Street was created to serve as the political home and voice for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans. The views of the majority of American Jews were previously underrepresented and ignored in our politics. J Street is changing that, and in the process transforming our national conversation about what it means to be pro-Israel. They advocate and engage on every level – in Washington, in political campaigns, in our communities and on campuses. By changing the conversation, they open up political space for elected leaders to support policies that advance a secure, Jewish and democratic future for Israel and reflect the shared values that underlie the US-Israel relationship.

Fellowship Description

Each summer, J Street places a select group of college students in Capitol Hill internships to experience the legislative side of advocacy work. Students chosen for the J Street U Congressional Internship Program are interns in the offices of Members of Congress, learning about the inner workings of the House of Representatives and Senate. The typical work-day depends on the office where interns are placed, but activities may include: attend briefings and write reports, research policy and legislation, draft correspondence, lead tours of the Capitol for visiting constituents and answer constituent mail. In their free time, Congressional Interns will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of educational programs through the J Street Education Fund and other organizations and meet in-person for special seminar programming with J Street staff. It is important to note that securing a Congressional Internship is an independent application process from the J Street CIP process. While J Street can not control the hiring decisions of Congressional offices, J Street staff will work to ensure that CIP applicants receive full consideration by Congressional intern coordinators.

Typical Hours

9-5pm, hours are flexible 

The internship program runs from the week of June fourth until August third at the latest. The timing depends on the specific congressional office the intern is placed in.

Work Environment

The fellow will be working in a tradtional office setting at a desk. Who the fellow will be working alongside is dependent upon the specific congressional office they have been placed in. However, outside of the work day interns will have the opportunity to meet in person with J Street staff and experience other educational programming alongside fellow interns.

Specific Skills Required

  • Selected interns demonstrate leadership skills through active participation in J Street U and other student organizations.
  • In addition to maintaining good grades, our interns are:
  • politically aware
  • socially sensitive
  • committed to public service
  • share a common vision about the-two state solution
  • promoting a diplomacy-first world view

Specific Experience Required

There is no prior work experience required, nor are students expected to be J Street U leaders to apply. However, many of our interns have evidenced leadership and communication skills through internships, volunteer experiences, or part-time employment prior to applying to our program.

Skills and Experience the Fellow Will Gain

By the end of the internship program, J Street U Congressional Interns will have a broad and in-depth understanding of the legislative process, as well as J Street’s role in advocating Congressional leadership toward a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This will be achieved through hands-on work on the hill, combined with special programming and education opportunities provided by J Street.


Ruti Kadish is the Director of Young Leadership. 

Ruti works with a team of professionals to create a path for young people to develop a dynamic and sustained relationship with J Street from high school to college and through their young professional lives. She oversees current J Street programs such as J Street U, J Street LEAD, J Street’s Mikva Fellowship and J Street’s intern program on Capitol Hill, and manages and mentors professionals in these departments.

Applications for this Placement Are Open!

The applications for this placement are now closed. If you have any questions, email