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Navigating the Pandemic: Knowledge, Resilience, Civic Purpose and Engagement

The pandemic is confusing and unpredictable. For some, it can be isolating, damaging, and even tragic. As a major research university, Tufts offers a wealth of resources to learn about the disease and its social impact and how to take care of ourselves, help others, and be civically engaged during the pandemic. To address these issues, during the summer of 2020, Tisch College offered an 8-part, weekly webinar series aimed at supporting students and the entire Tufts community as we all navigate the COVID-19 crisis and the ongoing crises related to racial injustice.

The webinar series can be watched in its entirety below.

Topics included:

  • emotional resilience in the face of trauma and uncertainty
  • issues of equity and racial/social disparities
  • civic engagement and voting
  • dispelling COVID-19 misinformation with science
  • the public policy and economic implications of the pandemic
  • physical health and nutrition
  • building and maintaining connections despite social distancing

We drew on the expertise of Tisch College faculty and staff, Tufts University faculty in a variety of academic disciplines, and experts from Boston-area universities, hospitals, and community nonprofit organizations. Each webinar session featured multiple speakers, workshops, or activities. Tufts students (including incoming students and 2020 graduates) were  able to participate directly in the sessions, as well as in discussions for smaller groups. Other members of the Tufts community and the general public had access to a live stream of each session. The full recordings are below.

These free weekly seminars were offered every Wednesday from June 10-July 29 and were open to current and incoming Tufts students, 2020 Tufts graduates, and other members of the Tufts community. Students who attended at least six of the eight sessions qualified for a certificate of completion. This effort reflects Tufts' commitment to promote social emotional resilience and wellbeing across the University. Ticsh College Senior Fellow Deborah Donahue-Keegan, Tisch SEL-CE Initiative Associate Director and Department of Education faculty member, led the webinar series alongside Tisch College Associate Dean Peter Levine. Tisch College funded the initiative.