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Boston City Council President Speaks at Tisch College

Friday, February 10, 2017

Michelle Wu visited campus to share her knowledge and experience with the Tufts community.

Boston City Council President Michelle Wu

On February 7, as part of our Civic Life Lunch series, we hosted Boston City Council President Michelle Wu for an informal chat about city politics and the impact engaged young people can have on government, especially at the local level.

Wu, the first Asian-American woman in the Council’s history and its youngest current member, spoke to a full room at Tisch College and offered insights gleaned from her personal story to public office, which was sparked by having to interact with government in order to secure a better life for her family.

“Government was always in the way. Government was always trying to shut us down when all I was trying to do is help my family and in some ways create an environment for my community to be stronger. So I sort of vowed at that point that if I ever had the chance, I would try and do something about it one day,” she said.