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David Axelrod Talks Politics with Tufts Students

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The former Obama campaign manager shared his insights and takeaways from the 2016 presidential election.


Political strategist and commentator David Axelrod, who served as Chief Strategist in both of President Obama’s campaigns and as a Senior Advisor to the President during his first term, visited campus recently to chat with students and other members of the Tufts community about the recent election.

Axelrod, who also spoke at Tufts earlier this year as part of the Tisch College Distinguished Speaker Series, was on campus as a guest speaker in “Race for the White House in a Modern Media Environment,” the course taught by Tisch College Professor of the Practice David Gregory. He also participated in one Tisch College’s Civic Life Lunches, in which he encouraged students discouraged by the recent presidential election to reengage in politics.

“The one thing we should take away from this is not to turn away but to lean into democracy and understand that there are responsibilities associated with it,” he said.