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Honos Civicus Celebrates 2019 Class, Welcomes the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

More than 70 undergraduates, four graduate students, and 21 Fletcher students were inducted at poignant ceremonies on the Medford campus.

Students inducted into Honos Civicus in 2019

In the weeks before graduation, Tisch College was proud to induct and celebrate the newest members of Honos Civicus, Tisch College's Latin honors society for graduating students who combined academic excellence with civic engagement, community service, and exemplary leadership during their time at Tufts.

More than 70 undergraduate students gathered in Alumnae Lounge for the induction ceremony, alongside the honor society’s four inaugural inductees from the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Tisch College Dean Alan Solomont, Tisch College Associate Dean Diane Ryan, and Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Sarah Herchel, led the reception and praised all of the inductees for their remarkable accomplishments.

“It is great to see some new faces and to be reminded of the important civic work undertaken by so many throughout the University beyond the walls of Tisch College and, in many cases, beyond Tufts campuses’ and beyond the nation’s shores," said Dean Solomont in his opening remarks. "All of you spent a significant part of your time at Tufts helping make this university, our local communities, our country, and the world more equitable and more just.”

One of the highlights of this year's ceremony was an alumna reflection delivered by Benya Kraus, A18, herself an Honos Civicus inductee last year, and cofounder of the national nonprofit Lead For America. In addition, two of this year's undergraduate inductees, Anjalique Knight and Jaya Khetarpal, A19,  also provided reflections on their experiences with civic engagement during their time at Tufts.

The four Graduate School of Arts & Sciences students inducted were Gabriel Golczer, Lindsey Hoffman, Mariah Healey, and Alexis Washburn. These were the undergraduates inducted into the 2019 class of Honos Civicus:

Adam Rapfogel, A19

Adya Kumar, A19

Ailish Dougherty, A19

Akshat Rajan, A19

Alara Hanci, A19

Alexa Ornstein, A19

Alexandra Gisela Maria Fognani, A19

Alexandra Good, A19

Alexandra M. Claman, A19

Allison Higgins McGuirk, A19

Alyssa Brodeur, A19

Amira Al-Subaey, A19

Anjalique Knight, A19

Anthony D. Benja-Athon, A19

Ashley Alphonse, A19

Benjamin Sidney Hewitt, A19

Bethany Shae Kirby, A19

Brenna E. Olrich, A19

Brett S. Isaacs, A19

Caroline A. Bollinger, A19

Catherine Sofia Foster, A19

Cecilia Rodriguez, A19

Charlotte Leis, A19

Christihanna Morrison, A19

Christopher Wingard, A19

Deborah C. Mayo, A19

Elizabeth Dossett, A19

Emily Dubuc Grussing, A19

Emily M. Polinski, A19

Ethan Geismar, E19

Eva Kahan, A19

Evan Cook, A19

Gabriel A. Fish, A19

Gil J. Jacobson, A19

Grace Lynne Yuh, A19

Haleigh Copley-Cunningham, A19

Hannah Gould, A19

Helen Mizrach, A19

Hernán "Náni" Gallegos, E19

Hiroto Watanabe, A19

Jacqueline Chen, A19

Javier D. Rincon, E19

Jaya Rose Kheterpal, A19

Jesse Greenfield, A19

Joel Pimental Alves, A19

Julia Press, A19

Ki Wan Sim, A19

Kiley Pratt, A19

Kyle Gar-Ho Lui, A19

Lily Adelia Hayes, A19

Madison F. Haskins, A19

Marissa Birne, A19

Marissa Mandell Donohue, A19

Matthew Johnson, A19

Melanie Ramirez, A19

Nina Ruth Kravetz, A19

Parker Breza, A19

Paulina Jedrzejowski, A19

Ryan R. Biette, E19

Sage Scanlon-Perez, A19

Sara Arman, A19

Sarah Chin, A19

Shaan Merchant, A19

Shayna Joan Solomon, A19

Sivakami Satchithanandan, A19

Swaraj Priyadarshi, A19

Talia Inbar, A19

Tessa Garces, A19

Whitney Miller, A19

Yanelle Cruz Bonilla, A19

YooJin Yoon, A19


21 Fletcher Students Inducted

Fletcher School 2019 inductees into Honos Civicus

At a separate reception in early May, leaders from Tisch College and from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy came together to celebrate and induct 21 members of the graduating Fletcher class into Honos Civicus. During the ceremony, three of the inductees—Kudrat Dutta Chaudhary, Maria Teresa Nagel, and Ali Rashid—offered reflections on their civic engagement activities while at Tufts. The ceremony was capped off by remarks from Jerry Sheehan, the Executive Associate Dean of the Fletcher School.

Dipali Anumol

Latifah Azlan

Charlie Bentley

Pedro Cardenas Casillas

Kudrat Dutta Chaudhary

Sarah L. Davis

Kevin Dupont

Kaitlyn Fitzgerald

Amanda Formica

Akshobh Giridharadas

Caroline Hedberg

Anastasia Karimova

Lauren Michaels

Khadija Mohamud

Kristen Mosher

Maria Nagel

Ali Rashid

Amy Rosenfield

Kumar Shanu

Kinsey Spears

Komal Thakkar