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Honos Civicus Celebrates its 10th Graduating Class

Monday, May 7, 2018

Nearly 100 undergraduates, and dozens of graduate and professional students, were inducted into Tisch College's honor society for exemplary civic engagement and leadership.

Honos Civicus 2018

In April, Tisch College celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the Honos Civicus program, which recognizes outstanding graduating students who excelled academically while making important contributions to civic life during their time at Tufts. Nearly 90 undergraduate students, along with the program's first four inductees from the Graduate School of Engineering, were honored at a ceremony hosted by Tisch College Dean Alan Solomont and Associate Dean Diane Ryan.

"All of you spent a significant part of your time at Tufts helping to make this university, our local communities, this country, and the world a better place," said Dean Solomont, addressing the inductees in his opening remarks. "You accomplished this without great fanfare, and with little desire for awards or recognition. But your commitment to civic engagement deserves the highest praise."

The reception also included an alumna reflection from Morissa Sobelson, A09, a member of the very first class of Honos Civicus inductees. Faryal Jafri and Zoe Miller, A18, two of this year's inductees, also offered some thoughts on how engaging with communities on and off campus had a transformational effect on their time as students. Check out photos from the ceremony!

These were the undergraduates inducted into the 2018 class of Honos Civicus:

Erica Albert, E18

Natasha Zeenat Khwaja, A18

Sydney Hirsch Peskin, A18

Somya Banwari, A18

Alexandra Kowalick-Allen, A18

Maude Plucker, A18

Jack A. Barral, A18

Benya Kraus, A18

Suvithan Rajadurai, A18

Julia Bell, A18

Priyanka Kumar, A18

Lorenza L. Ramirez, A18

Devi Sai Sri Kavya Boorgu, A18

Danielle Kupfer, A18

Layla Juno Rao, A18

Amanda Oklomo Borquaye, A18

Jacob Lebovic, A18

Anne Roome, A18

Justin Grady Brogan, A18

Sophie Alexandra

Emma Rachel Rosenthal, A18

Alexander T. Camp, A18

Lehrenbaum, A18

Tess Ross-Callahan, A18

Amanda Ng Yann Chwen, A18

Nina A. Leifer, A18

Paris Sanders, A18

William Davis Clements, A18

Dana Levin, E18

Erin Sifre, A18

Anna Del Castillo, A18

Eden Hannah Lichaw, A18

Emily Claire Steele, A18

Rohun Chopra Dhar, A18

Samuel Little, A18

Selena Steinberg, A18

Evan Martino Fantozzi, A18

Abriana E. Mayer, A18

Ryan C. Stocking, E18

Audrey Fernandez, A18

Kianna Medina, A18

Morgan M. Taylor, A18

Mateo Galeano Londoño, E18

Robert Middlemist, A18

Grace V. Tellado, A18

Sarah Draughn Gargaro, A18

Zoe Miller, A18

Mary G. Travers, A18

Nadia Seham Hallaj, E18

Alex Mitchell, A18

Shirley Wang, A18

Kasey Hartung, A18

Michelle Mu, A18

Megan Warshawsky, A18

Lillian Hartzell, A18

Alexandra S. Mueller, A18

Josephine Watson, A18

Miriam Silverman Israel, A18

Ravali Mukthineni, A18

Samuel E. Weitzman, A18

Faryal Jafri, A18

Julie Murray, A18

Lauren Witt, A18

Melissa Isabelle Kain, A18

Andrew J. Nassar, A18

Elizabeth Wolock, A18

Benjamin Kaminoff, A18

Benjamin Neikrie, A18

Jennifer Yu, A18

Allison Kannam, A18

Doyinsola P. Oladipo, A18

Sophie A. Zamarripa, A18

Aviva Kardener, A18

Nathan Pacheco, E18

Yuki Zaninovich, A18

Anna Kasagawa, A18

Rose Halia Paisner, A18

Jessica Nicole Ziccarello, A18

Brandon C. Katz, A18

Wilna Paulemon, A18

Matthew Zinner, A18

Arin Kerstein, A18

Sophie Pearlman, A18

Julia Zubiago, A18

Palak Khanna, A18

Charles Hirsch Peskin, A18


The four graduate engineering students inducted were Laura Corlin, Kerrianne Marino, Victor Oludare, and Jessica Swenson.

Fletcher and Health Sciences Schools

Honos Civicus 2018 - Fletcher School

In a separate ceremony, Tisch College joined the Fletcher School to induct 23 of their graduating students into Honos Civicus. In the program's second year at the Fletcher School, we received our highest number of applicants for this honor. Several inductees also offered reflections on leadership and service—including one who did so from his military posting overseas!

These were 2018 Honos Civicus inductees from the Fletcher School:

Pulkit Aggrwal

Molly Haragan

Belise Rutagengwa

Maxwell Bevilacqua

Alicia Hernández

Laura Smith

Will Boyd

Mariya Ilyas

Jolyda Sou

Meghan Costello

Mahmoud Jabari

Colin Steele

Airokhsh Faiz Qaisary

Peter Maki

Michael Sullivan

Cynthia García

Sookrit Malik

Daiki Tajima

Andrea Goldstein

Stanley Márquez

Claire Wilson

Clare Gooding

Karina Peña

Belise Rutagengwa


Meanwhile, in Boston, we brought together Honos Civicus inductees from the Tufts schools of medicine, dental medicine, veterinary medicine, and nutrition for a wonderful reception that allowed them to share experiences and reflect on the interdisciplinary nature of their civic commitments to improving the health of people and communities. You can read more about the Honos Civicus inductees from these schools here.

Congratulations to all our inductees!