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Honos Civicus Society to Recognize Graduating Seniors for Outstanding Civic Engagement

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This new honor society will celebrate and bring together students who have made civic engagement a hallmark of their time at Tufts.


Tisch College recently announced the launch of the Honos Civicus Society to publicly honor and recognize graduating seniors who have excelled in civic engagement courses and co-curricular activities as undergraduates at Tufts.

Honos Civicus provides an opportunity to celebrate a Tufts active citizenship education, and the many paths students travel to develop their civic selves,” said Nancy Wilson, Tisch College Director and Associate Dean. “Applying to this society will reinforce students’ education for active citizenship by providing an opportunity to reflect upon this dimension of their education.”

This new initiative was developed by a task force of representatives from a broad range of Arts & Sciences and Engineering academic departments and programs, as well as student organizations. After the Arts & Sciences and Engineering Educational Policy Committee made valuable suggestions, Honos Civicus was approved by the Tisch College Adjunct Faculty. It is being implemented on a pilot basis this semester.

In order to apply for Honos Civicus, students will submit:

  • An academic resumé listing high quality academic course work that helped the applicant develop abilities as an active citizen
  • A co-curricular resumé describing the applicant’s co-curricular accomplishments during their time at Tufts.
  • An original essay reflecting on their active citizenship experience at Tufts.

Honos Civicus recipients will receive a printed document welcoming them to the Honos Civicus Society, a lapel pin to wear to graduation, and will be honored during a public ceremony in April.