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Tisch College Appoints New Associate Deans

Friday, August 22, 2014

We are pleased to announce an expansion of the Tisch College leadership team with the appointments of Miriam Nelson, Ph.D., as Associate Dean, and Peter Levine, Ph.D., as Associate Dean for Research.

Miriam Nelson and Peter Levine

As Tisch College moves into its next phase of development, we are very pleased to announce an expansion of the Tisch College leadership team with the appointments of Miriam Nelson, Ph.D., as Associate Dean and Peter Levine, Ph.D., as Associate Dean for Research. Mim and Peter are both distinguished scholars with rich histories of engagement with Tisch College, and we are thrilled to have their expertise and experience in strengthening the work of Tisch College.

In their roles as Associate Deans, Mim and Peter will strengthen education for active citizenship, they will enhance recognition of Tisch College as a center of research excellence, and they will help promote Tufts as a leading institution of higher education in the area of civic engagement.

Mim has worked with Tisch College for over a decade, and she currently chairs Tisch College’s Affiliated Faculty. This is a group of nearly 50 faculty from across the University who hold secondary appointments at Tisch College. The move for Mim is a natural progression, and we are all thrilled to welcome her as Associate Dean.

In her new role, Mim will lead Tisch College’s community engagement, student programming, and communications efforts. She will also lead the process of refining Tisch College’s strategic vision by engaging a variety of stakeholders, including faculty, students, staff, community partners, and the Board of Advisors. This is an ambitious endeavor and one for which she is uniquely qualified, given her tremendous accomplishments as a faculty member at the Friedman School over the past twenty-five years.

A prolific and best-selling author, Mim’s research on physical activity, nutrition, and obesity prevention has contributed broadly to public policy and has attracted extensive extramural funding. Mim will retain her primary academic appointment at the Friedman School with a secondary appointment at the School of Medicine.

Peter Levine has served as Tisch College’s Director of Research since 2008. He is also the Director of the nationally recognized Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Engagement (CIRCLE). One of the founders of CIRCLE, Peter became its Director in 2006, and he joined Tisch College when CIRCLE moved here in 2008. Peter will continue as Director of CIRCLE, and he will remain directly involved in and central to its research mission.

Among the Nation’s leading authorities on civic engagement, Peter also holds a faculty appointment in the Department of Philosophy. He is the author of numerous works, including most recently, We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For: The Promise of Civic Renewal in America (Oxford University Press, 2013). He has written five other scholarly books on philosophy and politics.

Peter’s appointment as Associate Dean for Research recognizes his outstanding work over the past six years, supporting Tisch College’s broader research activities, and it acknowledges the centrality of scholarly research to our mission. Peter has overseen Tisch’s Faculty Fellows Program, the Tufts Community Research Center, and several initiatives with Tufts students and community partners. His national leadership on civic renewal has helped to build this critical and growing movement. We are thrilled to recognize his leadership and value with this appointment.