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Civic Renewal Research

Civic renewal—meaning efforts to increase the prevalence, equity, quality, and impact of civic engagement—has long been central to the mission of Tisch College and its predecessor organizations. It may require new policies that encourage engagement, new tools and organizations, social movements, and changes in public opinion and culture.

As part of its commitment to Civic Studies, Tisch College is involved in documenting specific current threats and weaknesses to American civic engagement while exploring potential solutions. Here are specific research studies and resources most relevant to the broad topic of civic renewal in the United States.

Projects and Reports

  • Conducted in early September 2017, in collaboration with the Department of Political Science, "The Pursuit of Gender Equality in American Foreign Policy: A Survey of American Public Opinion" is a new representative survey of 1,000 Americans that how the public views the role of women’s rights in U.S. foreign policy.…

  • Civic Deserts Report

    In October 2017, at the National Conference on Citizenship, Tisch College Associate Dean for Research Peter Levine and co-authors John Bridgeland and Matthew Atwell released "Civic Deserts: America's Civic Health Challenge," a new report that details t…

  • Republic at Risk Report

    In September 2017, Tisch College Associate Dean Peter Levine and CIRCLE Director Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg released a new report titled "The Republic is (Still) at Risk — and Civics is Part of the Solution" at the at the Democracy at a Cros…