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2021 Presidential Awards for Civic Life

January 28, 2021

Dear members of the Tufts community:

Tufts University has honored our most inspiring graduate and undergraduate students with the Presidential Award for Civic Life for more than two decades, recognizing their outstanding achievement in civic leadership during their time at Tufts. And while the challenges of this past year have at times seemed insurmountable, our students have met those challenges with grit, innovation, and compassion. Their accomplishments deserve our appreciation, and we need your help to identify exceptional nominees from across the University.

You can be part of this tradition by nominating students for a 2021 Presidential Award for Civic Life.  Please make your nominations online through Tisch College’s website at or by clicking the "nominate a student" button to the right.  Nominations must be submitted by Friday, February 26, 2021. Award recipients will be recognized and honored for their outstanding achievements at the end of the semester.

As you consider nominees and write your nomination, please reflect on Tufts University’s commitment to anti-racism and social justice and our broad definition of civic leadership, noting that awards recognize the full range of service and community engagement activities in which our students participate. Examples of leadership can include a combination of volunteer service in established programs, informal kinds of service, new and innovative student initiatives, and participation in community activities and governance. Many of our students are already civic leaders before they come to campus. However, this award acknowledges students’ community engagement during their tenure at Tufts. A list of previous Presidential Award recipients is available at

At Tufts, we uphold education for social impact as a vital charge. We are proud of the local, national, and international impact of our students. The Presidential Awards Program honors this institutional commitment by celebrating the diverse ways our students lead impactful civic lives.  Thank you for being part of this Tufts University tradition.

Best wishes,

Tony Monaco