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Track Your Engagement (Tufts Civic Impact)

Tufts Civic Impact is your gateway to service opportunities in the community! It’s easy: log in with your Tufts ID to find opportunities to volunteer in the area and connect with the community. You can also post your own opportunities and track your own service hours, your service-learning courses, and any donations you give!

Explore and Sign Up

Tufts Civic Impact is open to the entire Tufts community, including students, faculty members, staff and community partners, to publicize and track civic and community engagement opportunities! You can use Tufts Civic Impact to: create applications, track service hours and reflections, produce reports on your impact, and communicate about events or activities. Tisch College is here to help everyone make the most of this tool. If you have any questions, please contact Andrea LeSaffre, Senior Program Coordinator.

Community Partners

If your organization does not have an account on Tufts Civic Impact, please create your user and group account on GivePulse.

When creating your group, make sure to include important information such as the organization’s description/mission, contact information, and location. For more information please watch this video on the Basics of GivePulse

Once you have created your group, you will be able to add event opportunities. View instructions on how to create an event.

Students, Faculty and Staff

Sign into Tufts Civic Impact. Click on the "log in" button on the top right corner. You will be able to login with single-sign on using your Tufts credentials. After you login, you can explore the different event opportunities listed and become a member of different groups across Tufts Civic Impact.

Record Impacts and Track Participation

Students and other users can submit "impacts" to Tufts Civic Impact to log the number of hours they volunteered, worked, as well as other data requested by a group or event. View instructions on how to log an impact.

To verify impacts (for event manager and administrators) please see instructions listed in this article.

To edit impacts that have been submitted (for event manager and administrators) please see the instructions listed in this article.

Posting Service Opportunities

If you are a community partner using Tufts Civic Impact or a member of the Tufts community (students, staff, faculty), you are encouraged to post service opportunities (these are called "events" on Tufts Civic Impact). Any opportunity that you post can be seen on the main TCI page. This is a great way for students, staff, and faculty to browse and register for your service opportunities. 

Instructions can be found here:

More Information

For additional information and support, please visit GivePulse Support.