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UPDATE: Tufts announces fall 2020 semester plans. Learn more.
The only university-wide college of its kind, Tisch College studies and promotes the civic and political engagement of young people at Tufts University, in our communities, and in our democracy.
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A partnership between Tisch College and Amigos de las Americas, the program will allow high school graduates to enjoy a virtual "volunteership" with a community organization as well as coursework for Tufts credit.

Zoom call with Tisch Summer Fellows

Nearly 150 students are enjoying virtual Tisch Summer Fellowships that allow them to learn and make a difference during the pandemic.

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Tisch College is using our platform to recruit and train groups of local or virtual volunteers who can support our communities during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"Dispatches from the Pandemic" — A county health officer, a supply firm CEO, a dentist, and others share how they're leading communities through the crisis.

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The University Award for Civic Engagement is supporting innovative projects in the Global South during the pandemic.

Tufts 2020 Commencement photo collage

We're proud to join the rest of Tufts University in celebrating and honoring this year's graduates. Explore special virtual ceremonies and videos in which we celebrate Presidential Award winners, Honos Civicus inductees, graduating Tufts 1+4 Fellows, and all Jumbos who are committed to civic life.

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Read about the programs and initiatives we are creating, supporting, or expanding to engage in anti-racism work on campus and beyond.


  • Civic Studies
    The Civic Studies major is an interdisciplinary field of study that provides an intellectually rigorous foundation to engaging with communities and solving problems.
  • Tisch Summer Fellows
    Each summer, more than 100 Tufts students hone their professional skills while contributing to communities near and far through substantive summer internships that pursue the public good.
  • First-Year Global Programs
    The Tufts Civic Semester and Tufts 1+4 Bridge Year allow incoming students to start their education with unique experiential learning opportunities around the world.


  • Tisch College's Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Engagement conducts some of the nation's leading research on youth voting, civic education, and young people's participation in democracy.
  • IDHE
    Our Institute for Democracy & Higher Education, which studies and promotes the political learning and engagement of college students, will soon release aggregate data on voting and registration rates of students in more than 1,000 institutions.
  • The Massachusetts State House
    Our newest research center focuses on publishing expert, scholarly, nonpartisan analyses on pending legislation and ballot questions in Massachusetts.


  • Students table for JumboVote
    Tisch College's student-led voter education and engagement initiative works to ensure that all Tufts students are registered and ready to vote in every election cycle.
  • Jumpstart
    Tisch College supports the Tufts chapter of Jumpstart, an early education organization that helps local children in underserved schools thrive.
  • Talloires Network
    Founded and housed at Tisch College, this international association of universities committed to strengthening civic life globalizes our mission and expands our impact around the world.
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