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Tufts Civic Semester

Tisch College and Tufts University offer incoming students the opportunity to participate in the Tufts Civic Semester, a transformational first-semester program that combines academic and experiential learning with a focus on community engagement and social and environmental justice. Based in either Urubamba, Peru or Chiang Mai, Thailand, participants join a small cohort of 8-12 peers to create a living and learning community which engages deeply with important social issues through Tufts coursework and hands-on learning with local community organizations. With programming focused on building a civic identity and civic skills for promoting equity and justice, Civic Semester participants return to the Tufts campus with a network of deep friendships, a stronger sense of self, and a clearer understanding of how they want to have an impact during their time at Tufts and beyond. Program costs are covered by tuition and fees and applicants to the program can utilize their Tufts financial aid package.

Fall 2024 Locations: Tufts Civic Semester Peru & Tufts Civic Semester Thailand

Eligibility & How to Apply

Interested students can apply to Civic Semester by checking the box on their Tufts application, after which they will be asked to select their location preferences and complete a brief short-answer question about their interest in the program. If admitted, their admission to Tufts University is contingent upon their full participation in the Civic Semester program.

Due to degree restrictions, only incoming students in the School of Arts & Sciences, not including BFA, SMFA and NEC combined degree students and participants in the BLAST program, are eligible to apply. We welcome and are proud to have international students in the program each year!

Questions? Please contact us.

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