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Racial Justice: Resources for Action

In response to the summer 2020 deaths of George Floyd and other Black men and women at the hands of police, and the ensuing protests that have followed in cities across the country, we want to offer a list of resources for civic action related to racial justice.

We recognize that this list is by no means comprehensive, and we acknowledge that it draws upon the expertise of individuals and organizations that have a wealth of experience with these issues. We list them on this page, not as an endorsement of specific initiatives, but as a way to easily share action ideas with the many members of the Tufts community who are looking for ways to be civically engaged in this difficult moment.

We will be adding more resources in the coming days and weeks.


Teaching Resources

COVID-19 and Inequality

Our COVID-19 Response Summer Program, which provides funding to student initiatives, is especially encouraging funding requests for projects that address racial disparities.

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Resources for Learning and Action

We've compiled several resources for learning, teaching, and taking action on racial issues.

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