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We believe that all students should graduate from Tufts University prepared to contribute to civic life as informed, ethical, and engaged citizens, regardless of their academic majors or career aspirations. And we believe that all students should understand the foundations of a strong democratic society; that they should have the capacity to address difficult social issues by thinking creatively and testing new solutions; and they should possess a sense of responsibility for each other, their communities, and the world.

Tisch College works with students across the university—in all disciplines and at all schools. Whether they are motivated by academic interests, professional ambitions, or personal passions, each year hundreds of students interact directly with Tisch College, acquiring the values, knowledge, and skills to be active citizens. Through our courses, internships, and programs, many students have transformational learning experiences that inform their views of themselves and the world, that shape their future trajectories, and that enable them to become effective agents of change.

  • Tufts Civic Semester

    A transformational first-semester program based in either Urubamba, Peru or the Southwestern United States.
    Students with Tufts Banner in front of cactus
  • Tisch Scholars

    Scholars learn in and out of the classroom, working closely with local communities to address pressing issues.
    Tisch Scholars
  • Tisch Summer Fellows

    Our summer internship program offers more than 100 positions in the public and nonprofit sectors, as well as international programs.
    Tisch Summer Fellows
  • Tisch Fund

    Our fund for civic engagement supports independent student projects that strengthen civic life on campus and beyond.
    Tisch Fund for Civic Engagement
  • Civic Studies Major

    Our unique academic major gives students the chance to study the theoretical aspects of effecting change in the world, and to learn and apply the skills of civic engagement.
    Tisch Courses
  • Honos Civicus

    Our honor society for graduates from all Tufts schools recognizes students who excelled academically while devoting significant time to leadership and service.
    Honos Civicus