Building Robust & Inclusive Democracy
Flyer for Public Service and Social Impact Networking night with a QR code and logistical information typed out.

Public Service & Social Impact Networking Night

Breed Memorial Hall (51 Winthrop Street)


Are you interested in knowing more about what a mission-driven career looks like? Join an inspiring group of professionals and employers from a variety of social impact careers for an evening of conversations. Come hear from folks who work across public, private, and nonprofit sectors to impact policy, diplomacy, international development, education, human rights, social justice, and more.  

The first in-person Public Service & Social Impact Networking Night in years is an opportunity for Tufts students to: 1) gain invaluable career advice from alumni and professionals across social impact careers; 2) discover various career paths related to social impact, government, and nonprofit organizations; and 3) build your network within the field.

This event is hosted by the Tufts Career Center and cosponsored by Tisch College.