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Talloires Network of Engaged Universities

Talloires Network of Engaged Universities is a growing global coalition of over 400 university presidents, vice-chancellors and rectors in 78 countries who have publicly committed to strengthening the civic roles and social responsibilities of their institutions. The Network envision universities around the world as dynamic forces in their communities, incorporating civic engagement into their research and pedagogies — and building relationships with each other through a productive exchange of knowledge, ideas, and practices. The Network was launched from and is housed at Tisch College; it shares and globalizes our vision for fostering civic engagement throughout the college experience.

The 2021 Talloires Network Leadership Conference (TNLC 2021), will be co-hosted in Boston, September 30-October 3, by Tisch College and by Harvard University's Institute of Politics. The conference theme is Global Universities, Local Impact: Power and Responsibility of Engaged Universities.

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