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Oslo Scholars Program 2024

Oslo Scholars Program applications are now closed.

The Oslo Scholars Program (OSP) offers undergraduates with demonstrated interest in human rights and international political issues an opportunity to attend the Oslo Freedom Forum in Norway and spend their summer working with some of the world’s leading human rights defenders and activists.

The Oslo Scholars Program was established in 2010 by the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) and the Institute for Global Leadership at Tufts University, as HRF presented an ideal platform to engage new generations of human rights defenders and scholars.

To get involved, contact Heather Barry, Special Adviser for Global Strategy

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2024 Application Information

Applications are due February 7, 2024 at 11:59 pm.

Application materials will be forwarded to the Oslo Human Rights Scholar(s) after an initial interview with the IGL. The Oslo Scholar(s) will determine who they want as their summer intern. Applicants will be informed by April 1. You may apply for up to three of the internships, but each application must be separate.

Information Session on Monday, January 29, 12:00pm, Barnum Hall, Room 136

Summer 2024 Internships

  • 3 internships available

    Oslo Freedom Fellow: Jamila Raqib, Executive Director

    The Albert Einstein Institution is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the worldwide study and use of strategic nonviolent action in conflict. This is a period of transition for the institution as we are in the process of developing a new educational program. We are looking for an intern who is excited to join us in this time of transition and willing to operate within a flexible environment. Our intern will work closely with Jamila Raqib and other members of the team on a range of tasks. We are committed to making the summer an educational experience that meets the learning goals of our intern.

    AEI is currently in a period of transition, as it develops a new educational program. AEI is looking for interns who are excited to join the organization in this time of transition and are willing to operate within a flexible environment. AEI’s interns will work closely with AEI’s executive director, Jamila Raqib, and additional members of the team on a range of tasks. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: researching world news events related to nonviolent action, helping run an educational workshop on nonviolent resistance for children, helping AEI develop a new educational program, editing funding proposals, creating e-books for existing publications, social media management, and assistance with general administrative tasks.


    • Fluency in English, including excellent writing and editing skills
    • Preference is for interns who can work for 9 weeks, June-August

    Interns may be remote, but preference is for those who can be located in Boston

  • 2 internships available

    Oslo Freedom Fellow: Srdja Popovic, Founder and Director

    The Center for Applied Nonviolent Actions and Strategies (CANVAS) was founded in 2005 in Belgrade, Serbia, by a team that organized a successful nonviolent movement Otpor! which led to the overthrow of Slobodan Milosevic. Sixteen years later, CANVAS now operates a network of international trainers and consultants with expertise in building and running successful nonviolent movements around the world. Our trainers have broad experience in working with activists from more than 50 countries. They also regularly teach courses on nonviolent strategy to a range of international educational institutions.CANVAS has produced several publications on nonviolent resistance based on intensive research and our members’ decades of experience in the field.

    Position Title: Analytical Research Intern

    CANVAS is seeking two analytical research interns to conduct case studies and situational analyses, and assist with ongoing academic research projects. Intern responsibilities include region-specific analyses and research, case study research, tracking current events, drafting and editing English language publications, social media management, and the publication of CANVAS’s weekly reports. CANVAS hosts interns year-round. Internships last 6 weeks to 6 months. Interns are required to work 6 hours per day, 5 days per week, amounting to 30 hours per week. CANVAS internships are unpaid.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Region-specific analyses and research
    • Case study research/Country analyses
    • Weekly Reports
    • Drafting articles
    • Social media management
    • Content Development

    Qualifications and Skills:

    • Strong research and writing skills
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
    • Passion for the betterment of humanity and the planet, such as in areas of human and civil rights, education, climate justice and transitional justice
    • Preferred academic and/or professional background in political science, international relations or security, conflict or peace studies

    Interns may be remote or work in Belgrade, Serbia

  • 2 internships available

    Oslo Freedom Fellow: Dr. Jianli Yang, Founder

    Citizen Power Initiatives for China (CPIC), a non-profit organization founded in 2008, envisions a nonviolent transition to a free and democratic China. CPIC aims to make the Chinese people aware of possibilities for a better future, and encourages them to build civil society in China. CPIC seeks to further its mission by engaging the next generation in the pursuit of positive change for China.

    Internship Overview
    CPIC is seeking two interns for summer 2024. One intern will help produce digital media content, including short videos, to increase CPIC’s influence on various social media platforms. The other intern will conduct research in conjunction with CPIC’s full-time staff members. Both positions require familiarity with relevant current events and a passion about human rights in China.

    Internship Location: Remote, 10-12 weeks

  • 3 internships available

    Oslo Freedom Fellow: Ahmedur Rashid Chowdhury (Tutul), Founder

    Founded by Ahmedur Chowdhury in Bangladesh in 1990, Shuddhashar FreeVoice is a nonprofit organization, online magazine, and platform dedicated to supporting freedom of expression, social justice, at-risk writers, and literature. In 2017, Shuddhashar moved online after targeted violence forced the successful publishing house to close. Today, Shuddhashar operates from Norway with an international editorial board. The organization publishes an international, quarterly, theme-based magazine featuring contributions from leading academics, activists, and at-risk writers on topics like war, intimacy, and poetry. In addition to magazines, Shuddhashar publishes podcasts, webinars, and books, and mentors students in the Global South.

    Internship Overview

    Shuddhashar seeks highly motivated students with experience or interest in assisting with the development of magazine issues; researching writers, assisting in soliciting articles, and conducting interviews; editing; assisting with promotional activities; organizing and creating content on social media to increase readership; improving Shuddhashar’s website; and working with existing university organizations to increase engagement, establish new programs, and fundraise. Oslo Scholars will gain experience editing and soliciting articles from academics across the globe, and learn about public scholarship around critical issues


    • Strong writing skills with attention to details
    • High level of competence in using Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
    • Highly motivated, self-starter, and able to work independently and meet deadlines
    • Curious and eager to learn about other societies and people
    • Interest in diversity and inclusion, literature, social justice, human rights, and climate action

    Internship Location: Skien, Norway

  • 2 internships available 

    Oslo Freedom Fellow: Pema Doma, Executive Director

    Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) is an international, chapter-based, grassroots organization that uses education, advocacy, and nonviolent direct action to campaign for the Tibetan peoples’ fundamental right to political freedom. SFT works to empower and train youth as leaders in the Tibetan movement and beyond. Its team stands in solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet and works to amplify their voices. A key part of SFT’s
    work involves supporting former and current Tibetan political prisoners. SFT also plays a key role in organizing cross movement collaboration among those oppressed by the Chinese government, such as Tibetans, Uyghurs, and Hong Kongers. The Campaigns Internship with Students for a Free Tibet allows current undergraduate students and recent graduates to work closely with SFT’s Campaigns Team to execute international grassroots campaigns in solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet and around the world. Interns will work closely with Tibetan activists around the world, as well as cross-movement activists from the Uyghur, Hong Kong, and Taiwanese communities. Applicants for the internship will have the opportunity to learn about advocacy, lobbying, campaign strategizing, and key issues impacting the Tibetan community.

    Internship Overview

    SFT’s Campaigns Intern will work closely with the Campaigns Team to execute international grassroots campaigns in solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet and around the world. Interns will monitor news on Tibet, research opportunities for Tibet engagement at the United Nations, update campaign materials and resources, manage campaign information on the website, help lead SFT’s Summer Canvassing Program, and support urgent response actions as needed. Throughout the summer, interns will learn about advocacy, lobbying, campaign strategizing, and key issues impacting the Tibetan community.


    • Strong interest in and passion for human rights, activism, and grassroots organizing
    • (Preferred) Bachelor’s degree or junior in Political Science, Government, International Studies, or any relevant
    • Positive attitude, strong attention to detail, effective time management, ability to work well with others, and a growth mindset to learn
    • Strong research and writing skills
    • (Preferred) Knowledge on Tibet or China, and fluency in Tibetan or Chinese

    Internship Location: New York City (preferred) or remote

  • 4 internships available

    Oslo Freedom Fellow: Rosa María Payá, Founder

    The Fundación para la Democracia Panamericana (FDP), established in 2015 by Cuban and Cuban-American citizens, is a nonpartisan organization committed to combating ongoing oppression and human rights violations in Cuba while advocating for democracy in the Americas. Operating without political or religious affiliations, FDP collaborates with local and international entities sharing democratic values. Its mission encompasses promoting and defending democracy and human rights in the Pan American region. FDP serves as an institutional platform for pro-democracy campaigns, encourages citizen participation in elections, raises awareness about the necessity of fair laws and due process, promotes the rule of law, and educates citizens on pathways to democracy. The foundation draws inspiration from the courage of contemporary Cuban dissidents who endure adversity in their quest for personal dignity and human rights.

    Internship Overview

    FDP is seeking dedicated and dynamic individuals to join the Cuba Decide project team. This role is ideal for someone passionate about promoting democracy and human rights in Latin America, with a specific focus on Cuba. Interns will play a crucial role in supporting the day-to-day operations of the Cuba Decide project such as by managing digital communications, tracking the progress and completion of campaigns, maintaining relationships with international stakeholders, and assisting with administrative tasks, as necessary.


    • Bilingual proficiency in Spanish and English
    • Availability to travel to several locations within the US, Europe, and Latin America
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and other digital communication tools
    • Energetic, enthusiastic, and keen to take on new challenges and ideas

    Internship Location: Miami, FL (preferred) or remote

  • 2 internships available

    Oslo Freedom Fellow: Marina Dubina, Executive Director

    Ecohome is one of the oldest non-profit environmental organizations in Belarus, founded in 1996 — until it was forcibly liquidated by the Lukashenko regime in 2021. Undeterred, the team continued their work in exile, advocating for environmental democracy in Belarus. Ecohome empowers citizens to assert their right to a healthy environment and promotes best environmental practices, as documented in its annual report.

    Internship Overview

    Ecohome is seeking to fill two internship positions: the first will help collaborate with the Ukraine War Environmental Consequences Work Group, and research media coverage of environmental consequences of the war in Ukraine; the second will focus on writing articles on climate and ecology, in line with Ecohome’s mission.


    • Ability to search and analyze information
    • Exceptional written English proficiency
    • (Preferred) Knowledge of Belarusian and/or Russian languages
    • Interest in environment and climate change
    • Internship Locations: Remote/Belarus
  • 6 internships available

    Oslo Freedom Fellow: Genesis Davila, Founder and President

    Defiende Venezuela is a pro bono non-governmental organization that advocates for the protection of human rights through strategic international litigation of cases of human rights violations. Defiende Venezuela represents more than 1,000 victims before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, various United Nations mechanisms, and the International Criminal Court. Defiende Venezuela has developed a working methodology that has proven to be effective with a 100% rate of admissibility before the IACHR, and direct impact on reports, communications, resolutions, and investigations of different teams of the United Nations and the Offices of the Prosecutor and Victims of the International Criminal Court. Defiende Venezuela has also trained over 4,000 human rights advocates all over the world.

    Internship Overview
    Students interning with Defiende Venezuela may work on strategic international litigation of human rights cases, grant preparation, partner identification, and/or any projects that the organization is implementing at the time of their internship, depending on their interest.


    • Ability to speak English, and preferably Spanish
    • Exceptional writing and interpersonal skills
    • Interest in human rights and international law

    Internship Location: Remote or in-person at the student’s convenience. If the student would like to do the internship in Venezuela, he/she/they will have to do a security assessment (and get approval through Tufts Travel Registry) and obtain visa permits if required.

  • 2 internships available

    Oslo Freedom Fellow: Rafael Marques de Morais, Chairman

    The Ufolo Center for Good Governance emerged in 2020, in response to Angola’s urgent need for an independent civil society organization dedicated to fostering meaningful, enduring institutional change. In partnership with both private and state institutions, Ufolo has undertaken three major projects since its inception. In response to the police’s violent and repressive conduct against protesters across the nation, Ufolo conducted workshops for the national police on citizenry, public security, and human rights. To date, Ufolo has provided training to more than 500 officers on respecting citizens’ human rights and on the appropriate use of non-lethal force.

    Internship Overview

    Ufolo is looking for two interns who can assist the organization with research and communications in English. Oslo Scholars will gain invaluable insight and experience in developing human rights training and educational development programs.

    Internship Location: Luanda, Angola or remote

  • 1 internship available

    Khmer Movement for Democracy (KMD), established by concerned Khmer diaspora and survivors of the Khmer Rouge regime, emerged as a non-profit organization with a mission to promote and protect democracy in Cambodia. The organization staunchly upholds democratic values and opposes a regime that exploits Cambodia’s natural resources, deprives farmers of their land, and jeopardizes national sovereignty. KMD is committed to defending human rights and rebuilding Cambodia’s core values of education, morality, and ethics, striving for justice, the rule of law, and equal opportunities for Khmer people. The organization aims to create positive change through meaningful public reforms.

    Internship Overview
    KMD is excited to hire one qualified intern to work with its media team to write and produce short messages for a media campaign on issues related to human rights, freedom, and democracy. This position will entail travel to filming locations. Lodging and transportation during filming will be covered by KMD. The intern will also work and help train a small team of youths in video production.

    Internship Location: New England, USA (specific site tbd)