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Tisch College conducts and supports leading research on civic and political engagement, civil society, and citizenship. A vital part of our mission to empower an informed and engaged citizenry, Tisch College research and analysis informs the national conversation on the health of our civic institutions and the role of young people in our democracy. Tisch College also works closely with scholars, both at Tufts University and beyond, who undertake community-based research or otherwise engage communities in efforts to address pressing social problems.

We pursue this vital scholarship through several research initiatives.

  • Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Engagement

    CIRCLE, one of the nation's leading authorities on youth voting, studies the civic education and engagement of young people in the United States—especially disadvantaged youth.
  • Institute for Democracy & Higher Education

    IDHE studies the political learning and engagement of college students across the country and advocates for stronger practices. Its signature research project measures the voting rates on more than 1,000 college campuses.
  • Tisch College Community Research Center

    TCRC funds and supports community-engaged research conducted by Tufts faculty and staff with local leaders and organizations to address pressing problems.
  • MGGG Redistricting Lab

    Supported by Tisch College, MGGG studies applications of geometry and computing to U.S. redistricting in order to tackle a fundamental threat to our democracy: gerrymandering.
    Prof. Moon Duchin
  • The Center for State Policy Analysis

    The Center for State Policy Analysis (cSPA) provides rigorous, timely, non-partisan research on live policy issues in Massachusetts.
    Image of the MA State House on the Boston Common
  • The Generous Listening and Dialogue Center

    GLADC promotes authentic connection through dialogue and generous listening, even across differences.
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