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Tisch Fund: How to Apply

Individual students or student groups interested in receiving support from the Tisch Fund must complete a short application and submit relevant materials about the event(s), project, or program they are planning, including a detailed budget, timeline, and letter of support from a Tufts faculty/staff member or community partner.

Tisch Fund Application Now Open

The application period is currently open. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until Monday, November 27. The Tisch Fund will re-open again in the spring semester.

Preparing a Strong Application

Tisch College places particular emphasis on supporting programs or events that expand Tufts students interest in and engagement with public issues, and combine curricular or co-curricular learning with civic action.

A strong application will:

  • Present an engaging and innovative project and explain its relevance to the Tufts community, broadly defined
  • Clearly articulate the project's connection to civic life
  • Addresses a community-identified issue and/or topic
  • If requesting funding for an existing program or event, evidence that it has a successful track record and/or strong potential for improvement
  • Submit a sufficiently detailed implementation timeline
  • Submit a comprehensive and appropriate itemized budget
  • Explore the short- and long-term impact of the project and Include a concrete plan for evaluating the initiative
  • Promote collaboration between individuals, departments, or organizations
  • Create institutional knowledge of the event and/or project so that it may be continued or built upon in the future

Requirements for Accepted Proposals

Only applications for projects whose events or deadlines are at least one week away will be reviewed. Applications will be reviewed by Tisch College staff members, and we will contact you with information about next steps approximately one week after receiving the application. Groups or individuals who are selected to interview will be asked to prepare a brief presentation and answer questions about their project. Be prepared to discuss your timeline, budget, and other materials in detail. A virtual interview may be arranged. Students will be contacted with final decisions within 2-3 business days after their interview. 

Students whose funding requests are approved must comply with a set of requirements:

  • All students must sign a Memorandum of Understanding, agreeing to Tisch Fund terms and requirements, before funding is processed.
  • Students or student groups are required to put the Tisch College logo on any promotional materials (flyers, etc.) and mention Tisch College's support at any events. If they fail to do either, the students or student organization will not be eligible to receive funding from Tisch College in the future.
  • Students must submit a short narrative (500-1000 words) that summarizes the outcome and impact of the program or event on the greater Tufts community, along with any available photos. If the project involves organizing an event, the event must be posted on Tufts Civic Impact (GivePulse). The narrative must be submitted to Calvin Zhao within two weeks of the project's conclusion.

Questions? Email Calvin Zhao.