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Tisch Fund for Civic Engagement

The Tisch Fund for Civic Engagement aims to fund innovative initiatives and events that have a clear connection to civic life. We especially seek proposals that:

  • Demonstrate innovation and creativity in addressing issues affecting civic life including but not limited to promoting diversity and equity, education, political participation, environment and food justice, technology and other societal issues.
  • Include adequate training and/or preparation for stakeholders (including Tufts students) involved.
  • Seek to apply what is learned in the classroom, bring theory to practice.
  • Build connections across disciplines and fields.

We especially encourage students to apply for funding that will support projects related to racial justice. See below for more details.

Funding will be considered for student groups and organizations, or individual students who plan to engage students and groups from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines in their work. Priority will be given to projects that also engage communities beyond the Tufts campus in a meaningful and ethical way.

Available Funding and Application Timeline

Available funding:

  • Up to $500 for individual applicants 
  • Up to $1,000 for student groups from the same school
  • Up to $1,500 for student groups including students from different Tufts schools or professional degree programs.

Applicants must be currently enrolled in a Tufts University school/professional program. For cross-school initiatives, all parties must be stakeholders involved in the planning and execution of the project. In order to provide enough time for review, only applications whose project deadlines or events are a minimum of one week away will be accepted.

Throughout the application and disbursement process, Tisch College may provide suggestions for outreach, partners, and other event details to support the success of the project.

The application period is currently closed and will reopen in Fall 2021.


The Tisch Fund cannot be used to pay for:

  • Events or projects that endorse a political candidate.
  • Stipends or gifts.
  • Individual conference attendance. (Note for Fletcher students: the Tisch Fund will not cover Treks.)

Please refer to the page below for more information on the application process, including evaluation criteria, and to access the application.

Funding for Activities on Racial Issues

Political and social developments in the United States have inspired a renewed wave of activism aimed at addressing issues of race and discrimination. The influx of polarizing speech and discourse has also spurred interest in improving dialogue across various differences and viewpoints. Recognizing the need for seed funding and advising to support initiatives related to these topics, Tisch College is reserving and offering funding specifically for students whose projects aim to address these issues.

Students who are awarded funding may also receive feedback, advising resources, and opportunities to present their work. The application and criteria for funding are the same as for the general Tisch Fund projects.

More Information

Have questions? Contact Program Administrator Calvin Zhao at

Medical students should contact Jennifer Greer-Morrissey, TUSM Community Service-Learning Coordinator, at Dental students should contact Nancy Marks, TUSDM Community Service-Learning Coordinator, at