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CommonWealth Magazine

A difference of opinion on estate tax, capital gains

Evan Horowitz, director of cSPA, joins this discussion about Governor Healey's planned tax reforms, noting he is “worried not just about the perception but about the reality of the state’s competitiveness in the new tax regime.”
Ruby Belle Booth Headshot

Alumni Profile: Ruby Belle Booth

“I’ve always been more interested in the civics of it all.” Ruby Belle Booth, A21 began working with Tisch College’s Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Engagement (CIRCLE) as an undergraduate and continues to study and support young voters as the research center’s Elections Coordinator.
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Democracy Works

Finding The “We” In Civic Engagement

Associate Dean Peter Levine joins this “Democracy Works” podcast episode to discuss his approach to dealing with the challenges of collectively engaging people in civic engagement.