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Honos Civicus Society

Two people stand outside of the Granoff building at Tufts posing with an honos civicus certificate while a photo is taken in the foreground with an iPhone

Launched by Tisch College in 2009, the Honos Civicus Society selects and publicly recognizes graduating students who engaged in meaningful service and leadership activities or otherwise strengthened civic life on campus and beyond during their time at Tufts. Available to undergraduates and graduates at all Tufts schools, Honos Civicus provides an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on a Tufts education's foundational commitment to social impact and to join a network of engaged alumni who share and acted on that commitment.

Honos Civicus inductees are honored during special ceremonies alongside their peers, get a certificate from the dean of their school and the dean of Tisch College, receive a pin to wear on their commencement gown, and are officially recognized during graduation.

Congratulations to the 2022 honos civicus inductees!

School of Arts and Sciences

Elebetel Assefa A22
Henry A. Baer-Benson A22
Gabriella A. Cantor A22
Alejandra Carrillo A22
Audrey Carver A22
Shannon Cloherty A22
Sonam S. Delhiwala A22
Maxwell Goldfarb A22
Trevor Hall A22
Chidiebele Ikpeazu A22
Rabiya Ismail A22
Hasan Mansoor Mohammed Khan A22
Leanne Loo A22
Audrey McGlothlen A22
Carolina Olea Lezama A22
Julia Proshan A22
Sara Renkert A22
Leonardo Ruiz-Sánchez A22
Radhika Sharma A22
Yashika Thakurani A22
Katherine Wang A22
Jonathan Yu A22
Matthew Zachem A22

School of Engineering

Megan Cote EG22
Mina Giurguis EG22
Landry Kezebou EG22
René LaPointe Jameson E22
Briana Lino EG22
Sara Willner-Giwerc EG22

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

Lucy Devlin V22
Lisa Dixon V22
Alexandra Fielding V22
Sarah Frommer V22
Lauren Gawel V22
Meaghan Hanlon V22
Eden Hurlburt V22
Emily Koemeter-Cox V22
Kendall Leet-Otley V22
Carly Nangle V22
Lindsay Smith V22
Jonathon Stone V22

The Fletcher School

Almarie Acosta-Cepeda F22
Kathryn Ann Constantinides F22
Lark S. Escobar F22
Rachel L. Goretsky F22
Meg K. Guliford F22
Sisse Harder Delff F22
Allison Larmann F22
Rachael Wing-Lum Lew F22
Daron Mackie F22
Alfredo Jose Ramirez F22

The Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy

Jessika Brenin N22
Hamsa Ganapathi N22
Ricardo J. Moreno N22
Gabriella Rao N22

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Cassandra Bull AG22
Flor Delgadillo AG22
Alec Drobac AG22
Andrea Duarte AG22
Atef Fayed AG22
Jennifer Herron AG22
Joshua McLinden AG22
David Ndolo AG22
Kayla Patel AG22
Quinn Phillips AG22
Katherine Shor AG22
Natalya Zaika AG22

School of Dental Medicine

Daniel Boateng D22
Jacksyn Clanton D22
Jason Cummins D22
Rah-Taja Doggett D22
Matthew Evers D22
Blythe Ferguson D22
Arman Ghafarian D22
Adel Ghanem D22
Devin Gillis D22
Charles Christopher Hines III D22
Michael Jordan D22
Priyanka Kumar D22
Alia Osseiran D22
Bhumi Patel D22
Palak Patel D22
Deena Raef D22
Brandi Schoenthaler D22
Tarlan Sedaghat D22
Janki Shingala D22
Adi Smith D22
Drew Smith D22
Russel Smith D22
Jesus Vivar D22
Rodrick Wiggins D22

School of Medicine

Tara Ahmadi M22
Lauren Alyssa Ballini M22
Sivana Leigh Barron M22
Halla Hazelrigg Bates M22
Pamela Ashley Chan M22
Daniel Ilan Copeland M22
Alex Coston M22
David Dávila M22
Theresa O. Emeli M22
Frances See-Rae Enger M22
Shilpa Jai Ghatnekar M22
Rachel Gottlieb M22
Sarah Hemphill M22
Anusha Sri Vaishnavi Jayaram M22
Efthalia Fay Kaynor M22
Antonio Laracuente M22
Khanh Hoang Nicholas Le M22
Mathew Lucas M22
Michael A. Mastroianni M22
Nathaniel Flaschner Meyer M22
Abdimajid Mohamed M22
Meghan Elizabeth Murphy M22
Nicholas Nasser M22
Haya Raef M22
Sherry Jacqueline Reddix M22
Allison Yorke Rhodes M22
Sophia Kamilah Salas M22
Keith Savran M22
Alexander Schin M22
Jessica A. Serventi-Gleeson M22
Suraj Sanjay Shah M22
Amanda C. Taus M22
Kathryn Marie Welp M22

About the Program

Students must apply to Honos Civicus by completing a short online form. While each school's application is slightly different, all ask students to list relevant coursework and/or community activities through which they achieved social impact, and which contributed to their education and development as civic leaders. Applicants must also possess a strong academic record, as we believe successfully balancing academic/professional obligations and civic commitments is an integral part of successful community engagement.

Select below to learn more about the eligibility requirements and application processes for either undergraduate or graduate/professional school students.

For more information, email Andrea LeSaffre, Program Coordinator, at


Honos Civicus 2021 Virtual Ceremony

Watch the video of our virtual ceremony honoring the 2021 honos civicus inductees!